Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16 NSC Game Day Thread: USMNT Seek Revenge

The games:

1) Germany - Portugal
2) Nigeria - Iran
3) USMNT - Ghana

The times:

1) 12 pm EST
2) 3 pm EST
3) 6 pm EST

The channels:


The storylines:

1) A healthy* Ronaldo versus a strong German defensive front.
2) The battle for third place in their group.
3) Revenge is on the books for the US Men's National Team. Discuss the games below throughout the day and look out for our recaps, as well as a USMNT preview.


Bernardinho said...

Our prospects vs. Portugal just improved immensely!

Unknown said...

Already down 2-0, Portugal is down to 10 men because Pepe did a Pepe and was sent off with a straight red card.

Jacob Klinger said...

More importantly, I think, Portugal's GD is getting obliterated. I can't imagine Germany will ease up.

Unknown said...

I don't know if I'm happier with the GD situation or Neto in place of Pepe next game.

Jacob Klinger said...

Well there's no need to choose.

Unknown said...

Haha, that's true. "Why not both?"

TrueCrew said...

Nigeria could easily finish 2nd. Give the African champs some respect.

Jacob Klinger said...

Re: USA-Ghana: It's in the bag, apparently.