Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Goodie #1

I have learned (actually... I have known for a while) that three Liga MX name brands are interested in Benny Feilhaber. One is Club América (no stranger to chasing Gringos) and I am fairly sure Cruz Azul (no stranger to chasing Feilhaber) are another.

I would not get too excited thinking about the prospect, however, as I'm told Feilhaber is happy at Sporting KC and the club holds an option on him for next season. A full MLSS report is on the way.

- Greg Seltzer


Tom said...

Nice to know, he's still wanted, though.

dwc414141 said...

Options are always good, especially when they could lead to a raise. Benny is a good player. Unfortunate he couldn't move up the crowded MF depth chart and make the Cup.
I haven't seen this report hit MLSS yet, but the Bedoya story was interesting. I look forward to seeing what some of his options are.