Sunday, June 22, 2014

USA 2 Portugal 2 ... ****!

The U.S. outplayed Portugal and lost tied.

NSC Man of the Match: Kyle Beckerman.

LVP: Geoff Cameron.

The grades.

The way forward.

- Jacob Klinger


heythisisrobbie said...

That tie stung worse than any loss I've experienced in sports, either as a fan or a player. I flat out don't have the emotional intelligence to describe what I'm feeling right now.

Your grade on Fabian was way low. He was a one man team for most of the night.

Bradley deserves a 0 for that last second giveaway. I never thought I would say he is this cycle's goat.


Greg Seltzer said...

Bradley was well across midfield one on four and three really serious mistakes came after he turned it over - his only one of the night.

dikranovich said...

It stung to give up a last second goal, and certain passage into the second round, but maybe everyone could be reminded of a game between Germany and Austria at the 1982 World Cup finals in espana.

Second game in a row that junior has given the ball away in the last minute instead of killing off the game.

This team is starting to show the world some things that they maybe did not expect. They are in fact showing their own fans.

jon said...

"Bradley deserves a 0 for that last second giveaway"

And that's why nobody's asking you to write player ratings.

Dik, from what I understand, the Germans aren't too proud of that bit of history. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised to see a cagey, conservative match from both sides, but only because neither will want to be exposed and risk not advancing...although Germany's favorable goal differential means it would take some crazy results for them to go out.

dikranovich said...

With a little reflection, this game feels a lot like the second game of the Beijing Olympics. We really out play a supposed superior team, only to give up a late equalizer.

One of the important things about sports is to know all the ways you can lose, and when you have this understanding, you can be better prepared.

What our country really needs going forward is some common cause and just more and more of an understanding of the nuances of the game.

gonavy said...

Good game, well played by the US in most facets. Possession under constant pressure and finishing are two areas we definitely need some work on. It was certainly a nail biter in the last 20 minutes of that match.