Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bes Buy - Fast & Furious-er-ish

By now, you probably saw or heard about this...

Do not get jumpy yet, however, because I am told neither of these is about Matt Besler (and if everyone I have talked to is on point, neither is about Graham Zusi).

What I will add to the Besler picture is one confirm and one offside flag. It seems there have been some whispers going around that Aston Villa are among those nine English clubs we talked about, so I will go ahead and confirm that as correct. However, any reports claiming that Stuttgart is the Bundesliga team involved to some extent are entirely false.

All in all, it looks like KC or England - which is kinda how it has looked for a while now.

UPDATE: Oops, almost forgot. Though Besler did state on that radio show this morning that Sunderland had bid or were preparing to, I cannot as of yet confirm an official offer from the Black Cats. That is not to say I am throwing up the flag on Matt himself, of course. It seems quite fair to say he knows more than me (and faster), so I will take his word or figure he was speaking solely in an expectant manner.

- Greg Seltzer

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dwc414141 said...

The 2 players are Honduran Jorge Claros and a MF from the Swiss 2nd division who I am unfamiliar with, named Martin Steuble.