Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Again, we can all debate who should go exactly where. You all know I tend to like a playmaker type from the right wing and a cut-in guy who can look for his own shot on the left. It is for this reason, you see several of these names below.

Green is an obvious pick to start in Russia, whereas the next three will fight it out, including for club PT. Watch out for Rodriguez and Bailey, who by then will bring a good physicality on the dribble and plenty of good German seasoning (a la T-Boyd) from growing up with 'Gladbach and Bayer.

With Nguyen, this is where PSV and (occasionally) the US Under-20 national team once envisioned him fitting best and I still agree with them. As for Wood, something is not clicking on the natural flank at 1860, and I feel he may better take to this side.

Julian Green
Paul Arriola

Brek Shea
Joseph Gyau
Mario Rodriguez

Also being monitored: Lee Nguyen, Kainoa Bailey, Jose Villarreal
, Bobby Wood

- Greg Seltzer


Tom said...

Excited to see your cf list.

Unknown said...

Can we get more info on Bailey and Rodriguez?

AG said...

Greg, Can you tell me anything about Mario Rodriguez as I can't find much on him online. Is he playing much or still working his way through the team? I've watched him a few times with U18 and U20... He was the only true player at U20 that could go one on one and beat his opponent but he didn't finish.

Unknown said...

What position was Bobby Wood playing over the weekend when he scored against Stoke City?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Tom:

Tomorrow. And it is long.

@ Unknown & AG:

Bailey has good size, likes to get wide and dribble, likes to feed the overlap and work combos, and when he dribbles into the area diagonally can be quite a handful to track. I will be honest, I am not entirely sure which foot is his natural because he is at great ease with either. I looked for a video of some sort and actually the kid was kind enough to post an every-touch clip from two recent US U20 friendlies.


Rodriguez is probably not as big, but plays bigger than his size and covers silly amount of ground when he crosses over on dribble drives. Still learning to use that to his benefit for shots, but he gets so much separation. Pretty good in front of goal, decent in the air, especially back post (as if coming from the wing). He has also shown that he is learning to track back well and causes problems when allowed to pressure high. He finally got regular PT for Gladbach II near the end of the season and hit five goals (and an assist) in his last nine games before having a small injury to close the season. He played plenty for the US at the U20WC last summer, so you can probably see him on the longer highlights against France and Ghana.

@ Danny Boy:

Do not etch this in stone, as I have not seen a video yet - but actually it seems he played left wing. He usually plays right wing. And I heard he skinned Bardsley alive. :D

Zach said...

No love for Joe Gyau?

Greg Seltzer said...

This is a tough crowd, man. And a four-year guesstimate.

DaM said...

I am actually surprised you have Brek as high as you do. Does he look like he is going to get minutes somewhere (caveat: I haven't seen any stoke preseason)?

Unknown said...

What's Bailey's projection going forward with the U-20's and with Leverkusen? Is he still with Leverkusen? It seems he hasn't been really in Ramos' plans for the U-20's lately.

MSA said...

@DaM Good quote on Brek from last week's preseason match vs 'Gladbach:

"There were positive performances from the likes of Jamie Ness and Brek Shea – both of whom have been taking a hammering over the past 12 months for their non-performances in Stoke shirts. If those performances continue, they could well be fighting for a place in the starting 11 on the opening day of the season."


Greg Seltzer said...

@ DaM:

We shall see. If he cannot find minutes at Stoke, I would assume he will move along at some point. But for now, he is fighting there.

@ Danny Boy:

Bailey was called up to the U20s in May and June. Heard Bayer may loan him out, not quite sure yet, but remember he is just 18 with only 31 minutes of reserve team experience. Time will tell his forecast, too soon to call. But when you watch him play, you can picture him being real trouble for defenders if he works hard these development years.

@ MSA:

Yeah, I heard Shea looked pretty good against 1860.

Unknown said...

I am going to throw a name into this mix:

Alfred Koroma: Currently he is on a 60 day trial with Internacional in Brasil while waiting for paperwork to be finalized to join Internacional on a permanent deal. The coaching staff is raving about Koroma. He has played on both wings and at CF during some friendly games for Internacional. Klinsmann is said to be monitoring him very closely. I could see him getting a call-up really soon.

Unknown said...

I love jose villarreal, but where is he???

Adrian said...

Ouch. Lee Nguyen, one of the best MLS performers over the past 3 seasons, is behind an inconsitent teenager playing for Tijuana, a winger who can't get going in the English Div 3, a BVB prospect and a Gladbach prospect?

Greg Seltzer said...

Right now, no.

Looking four years in to the future? Yeah, quite possibly.