Monday, July 7, 2014

Let's get this clipboard started riiiiight!! (updated)

Instead of putting out a sprawling list of players from all positions on our World Cup 2018 watch at once, it seems tidier to copy the original NSC Clipboard slow reveal format. So, today we start with the keepers.

And just to remind regulars or to clarify for those new to this realm, this exercise is not to predict who Jurgen Klinsmann (assuming he remains the coach until Russia) will take. This exercise is to spout off about who I would take - or in this long term case, who I at this moment foresee wanting to take four summers from now. Once we get near 2018 qualifying, this will go back to being an "if Greg was boss" depth chart. For now, it is a full-on crystal ball act.... for if Greg was boss.  

Just so we are all clear, with the exception of today's keeper list, I will not be naming anyone age 30 or over. That does not mean they aren't considered worthy or capable of being in the mix over this next cycle. And when the depth chart mode comes back, there will surely be some older veterans listed. But numbers do not lie, the USMNT has not brought a 34-year-old field player to a World Cup since 2002 (Jeff Agoos, in case you are wondering).

UPDATE: I should add here that by the same token, I will not be selecting anyone currently in another national team program that would require a switch. Forgot to mention that earlier.

And honestly, try not to take this Clipboard too seriously. Guessing who will be where doing what in four years is rough trade. If I get even 14-15 of the eventual 23, I will be pretty damn happy. I did a pretty decent job of predicting the recent 23 in 2014, especially considering all the dual-national switchers. But my post-World Cup 2006 calls for 2010? Oh dear, it was bad. Baaaaaad.

I will stand behind the starter pick here, but the other four could end up in any order or be passed by others.

Brad Guzan
Sean Johnson
Steve Clark

Bill Hamid
Cody Cropper

Also being monitored: Dan Kennedy, Tally Hall, Clint Irwin, Luis Robles, Zac McMath, Caleb Patterson-Sewell

- Greg Seltzer


bellbj8 said...

Do we have a shot at William Yarbrough?

wbonw said...

Can you put the link for your post 2006 "2010 roster" prediction
and your post 2010 "2014 roster" prediction.


Unknown said...

You missed Klinsman Jr.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ bellbj8:

That I do not know.

@ wbnow:

The 2006 version is no longer online, but I am trying to see if I can dig out the file somewhere. I do remember having the likes of Gibbs, Adu, Pearce, Simek and Chad Barrett on it.

The 2010 version I need to find, I am not even sure which place it landed.

@ downintexas:


susan said...

Wooo! Show us yer picks! Woo! Spring Break!

Unknown said...

I personally think Steffen pushes all of these names for a spot.

Matt said...

Susan, is your husband posting from your account again? Regardless, that was a good one.

hipvictor said...

Tim Howard. Ageless.

Ole said...

Behind Irwin at the moment but showed well in 3 games for Colorado at the start and as you note, four years is a long way out. Oh, and a St Mary's Southside kid -

Matt Browner Hamlin said...

Any chance you'll post a clipboard series for the Copa Americana & the 2016 Olympics?

jaredlaunius said...

I would have bet more than a couple doll-hairs in 2010 that at least one – if not both – of Johnson and Hamid would be abroad by now. Greg, do you think that has more to do with stalled development or the MLS's advancement? Not that we aren't covered at the position through the next cycle; I'm just curious.

Jacob Klinger said...

No Friedel!?!? This is a joke.

Mike J. said...

Wooo! Show us yer picks! Woo! Spring Break!

Loosely related: I don't think 'rough trade' means what you think it does.

Tom said...

Dang it, I was. I forget when I'm browsing on some devices that she's signed into chrome.

Greg Seltzer said...

Jacob, I nearly put Friedel on the honorable mentions as a half-joke.

Anonymous said...

Brad Friedel will be starting for the English National Team in 2018.

jon said...

Your depth chart series from fall 2011 is easily find-able here on NSC.
Here's the post on left wingers (which contains links to all the other positions):

Greg Seltzer said...

Funny how some things change so much and some stay the same.

Zach said...

Sorry to pearce your buddle, but the true test will be at the fullback and wing spots. Will Greg be shea-med by the same unlichajical choices as the past four years?

Seriously, though, you should add Steffan. Kid seems to have all of the tools

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, but he will only be 22 then (which is like a toddler in keeper years) and some of this cycle will be spent in the NCAA.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Mike J:

Just now noticed your comment, actually. And yes, I know the term has other meanings, but where I am from it just means somebody or something that looks pretty beat up.