Thursday, July 17, 2014

The other Central Station

The names remain the same from Brazil, but in a different order. The next World Cup will perhaps be too soon for the phenom, while the others have a big fight ahead to climb this chart. Of course, a couple of these guys have the ability to take up other spots, including the currently recovering John.

John Anthony Brooks
Matt Besler

Erik Palmer-Brown
Tim Ream
Chris Schuler

Also being monitored: George John

- Greg Seltzer


Zach said...

If you are throwing EPB out there, might as well give Danny Barbir a shout.

Cathal said...

Greg, how important do you think right/left sides are for central defense pairings. I understand it's ideal to have right-footed and left-footed players on each side, but there are tons of examples of top sides playing with center-backs who have the same dominant foot.

Oddly, I can only think of teams that use two right-footed CBs, and our predicament may be that our two best CBs in 2018 will be left-footed.

Anthony said...

Who's the phenom?

Greg Seltzer said...


Unknown said...

I could see Ream taking Will Packwood's role as the other backup CB.

Greg Seltzer said...

Or Brooks taking the starting RB job, to bump Packwood and bump Ream up into the top four. It is so far off to forecast, though. This is always a thankless exercise in every country after every World Cup.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Cathal:

Sorry, I initially missed your question.

I think it can be fairly important, but not necessarily essential, depending on the players. Personally, I like one prototype air monster and one smooth criminal type - who are quite often more two-footed (for example, Parkhurst, Orozco Fiscal is a CB and going back further, NSC pal Cory Gibbs. I still bemoan the fact we never got to see a Gooch/Gibbs pairing at WC06.

Of course, Besler, Brooks and even Cameron at CB are basically hybrids of both types. Then, Gonzo is an airman, but also the best urgent rescue defender on the team.

Unknown said...

I really think Chandler is solid at RB, and will be starting in 4 years. He was shoehorned into LB for a friendly and looked like crap. Or instead of using a traditional RB, I could also see Jurgen experimenting with 3 CB's in a 3-5-2, and using Yedlin and Fabian on the wings. Can easily morph into a 5-4-1 defensive shell and back out.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Zach:

Both Barbir and Miazga sit just outside their respective CB lists of mine.

dikranovich said...

conor Donovan should probably be pretty much on the top of any center half lists for 2018, and beyond.