Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Timmy Nation

America loves it some Tim Howard. While he remains the new Neo and a big bad Toffee, but now he is also a freight train coming at you 10 times on NBC during the upcoming Prem season.

I have actually not watched during one of his commentary jobs. Somebody tell me how he was.

- Greg Seltzer


owen said...

Hes okay better than keller and tt and miles better than wynalda. Now that i think about it probably the best ex usa player turned announcer. Did anyone catch lalas on comm a few days ago... So many awkwArd moments between him and color guy hard to listen to

owen said...

Forgot martino hes decent imo

JJO said...

He's a cliche machine. Doesn't add anything interesting or insightful. He comes across like exactly what he is - a current player who won't say a controversial word about or against players or managers he still plays against.

Tony M said...

He was okay, He has some intelligent things to say, and like all players he will have a learning curve and will have to develop the willingness to criticize players. The tone of his voice isn't great, but its not bad.

Twellman is the example of a guy who can develop. (This will be an unpopular opinion, by the way.) He started as a guy I just couldn't stand to listen to. He was horrible. But he has developed into an observant commentator who often calls out tendencies in the game before they have an impact. (I don't think the pairing with him an Darke works, however.)

Right now, the brightest of the ex-players by a mile is Martino.

I think many of my fellow Americans have a tendency to react negatively to anything but an English accent announcing games. There is also a tendency to make a judgment about an ex player and never give them credit for developing.

I think Howard could develop into a good announcer, but he will need more of his badass self to emerge. That will take time - and possibly retirement. He is not going to call out players he plays with or against until then

RobUsry said...

He's done very well IMO. He just needs to learn that less is better. He gives great insight. He just talks way too much.

Devin Mathias said...

He's done okay. Definitely don't see it as a true long term option for him. He's much better than Keller and Lalas, imho, but not as good as Wynalda.

Kyle said...

I really liked JP and McBride on Fox in the ManU v Roma game. I hope they take over as the Fox #1 team

Timmy is pretty good, he has some insightful things to say on the flow of the game, but as others have said he's not willing to call out fellow players enough.

Tony M said...

Kyle, I like JP as well. I think that Steve Cangelosi is good too.

Devin: I like Lalas in the studio. He does try to be provocative at times, but I think he's funny in a dead pan way and is a good observer of the game. When he did the studio stuff with Macca last World Cup, that was a priceless combination. I really wanted to go drinking with those guys!

Devin Mathias said...

Tony M. - I went into the World Cup dreading all the Lalas time we were going to get, but grew to accept he was okay. Not great, but okay. But when it comes to calling a game, I don't think he's that good.

Tony M said...

Devin, I agree about game calling. He's a bit flat and well behaved. That ain't him, But I really enjoy him in the studio.

Jolazo said...

I think Martino is the cream of the crop among former U.S. players. Twellman has potential, but he just does not take set-ups well. Half the time he's completely silent after Darke sets him up, and the other half he begins his sentence with "But" and makes a completely different point.

Jay Demerit and Stuart Holden are 2 guys that Fox should be trying really hard to bring in as studio analysts for the next cycle. I also think Friedel does a pretty good job in the rare times he shows up in studio.

Howard is too new to it to really judge. As was a said early, he's kinda bland and cliched. Most of the time, Arlo White has to hold his hand throughout the commentary.

McBride provides good insight, but he's not a great personality. He's kind of rigid. You have to grade him on a curve though with all the idiots he has to work with.

Keller is the Jonathan Spector of announcers. He can fill in just about anywhere (studio or in-game analyst). He'll call the game alright and you generally won't feel strongly one way or another. He can be really negative at times.

And then we get to the trolls. Wynalda, just no. Whoever is responsible for this needs to remedy it before the next World Cup. Put him out to pasture with Harkes and Balboa. At least Lalas seems self-aware, almost like he's in character. He can be smug and belabor stupid points for months on end, but he can also be entertaining and insightful.

angler23 said...

Howard was just okay - he was a bit too neutral, most likely a symptom of being an active keeper (as identified by others). Could improve like fine wine as he certainly boasts a CV that lends itself to providing interesting in-game analysis.

I like Cobi as a color commentator, especially for MLS games. He has been around since the cretaceous period of MLS, he has one hundred and sixty four billion caps, a toothy grin that can be seen from space, an inspirational hair style - what's not to like!