Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Da Bruce Lets Fly

I love this guy. Here, Bruce Arena talks about several things, most interestingly about the workings of Major League Soccer. I, too, could go on another rant about this stuff, but nobody cares to see me repeat myself.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

Sounds like pretty high praise from a coach who has been to what, seven or eight MLS finals out of 19 years.

Unknown said...

saying the 2002 team was better than 2014.

first of all, he said 2014 had a win and a draw in 4 games. they actually had a win and two draws because belgium was 90 scoreless minutes.

second of all, really bruce? ghana=south korea, bad portugal>poland, germany>good portugal, belgium>mexico
the 2002 team had 2 wins, 2 draws, and a loss with a total GD of 1. the 2014 team had 1 win, 2 draws, and 1 loss with a GD of 0 against much tougher opposition.

bruce arena says some really good things but it's hard for me to see beyond the self-obsession sometimes.

and he has been to 6 MLS finals, 3 of them with DC United in the first 3 years of the league...

WonderKin said...

What's going on with Geoff Cameron?

dikranovich said...

Dandy, good point, six finals in eleven years of coaching in MLS. Four MLS cups. Pretty gaudy numbers. I still hear Bruce celebrating the virtues of MLS.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ WonderKin:

Sunderland, Southampton, Hull and Leicester have been talking to Stoke, who do not wish to sell. None had named the right price as of yesterday. Lazio also could get involved, but they are trying to sell a defender first.

Tony M said...


Did you actually watch the 2002 team? Did you see how we played against Mexico and Germany?

And by the way, Arena's comment was about the HOW. Here's the exchange:

In many ways, despite the stated ambitions, the characteristics of the U.S. team have remained the same over the years …

“I would argue maybe that isn’t so. Our team in 2002 played pretty well.”

That is unquestionably true: we played better in 2002 than in any other World Cup. In comparison, we had one good half against Portugal (who would have shredded us with a healthy CR7) and a good ten minutes against Belgium. The rest of the time we looked more like the 94 or 98 team.

We also had our best result. That's not what he was saying, but I'll say it: 2002 was our best World Cup, period.

Fanfutbol said...

Bruce Arena: "I might become a writer."

Gotta love Il Bruce's sense of humor.


Unknown said...

the 2002 team was better. they played better. but i think its kind of arrogant to put them on a wholly different level. they played a pretty good game against mexico who weren't a great team. played a great game against germany. played quite poorly against Poland and South Korea.

DaM said...

Agree with Tony M. Bruce wasn't talking results he was talking quality/style of play. Right or wrong, from my point of view that team played better attacking soccer, placed a player in the tourney 11, progressed further and got robbed against Germany (as opposed to surviving 90 minutes because of Hercules Howard against Belgium).