Friday, August 1, 2014

Ladies and gentleman, start your Olympic cycles.

It is quite a cozy camp for now, but of course there are several European-based players and some others with Mexican clubs that will later swell these ranks.

G - Cody Cropper (Southampton), Zack Steffen (University of Maryland)

D - A.J. Cochran (Houston Dynamo), Christian Dean (Vancouver Whitecaps), Ramon Martin del Campo (San Jose Earthquakes), Bryan Gallego (Arizona United), Juan Pablo Ocegueda (Oaxaca), Will Packwood (Birmingham City), Oscar Sorto (LA Galaxy)

M - Dennis Flores (León), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Marlon Hairston (Colorado Rapids), Benji Joya (Chicago Fire)

A - Daniel Cuevas (Lobos), Alfred Koroma Shams (Internacional), Jordan Morris (Stanford), Victor Pineda (Indy Eleven), Omar Salgado (Vancouver Whitecaps)

- Greg Seltzer


AG said...

Quite an interesting group. I know a lot of players may be busy with their teams but this group seems a little uninspiring when you look at some that are not playing regularly like Joya, Salgado, and a few others as they are still trying to make their mark on the professional level while others like Dillon Serna, O'Neill, Trapp, Gil, etc... are playing regularly.

Then again, maybe that is why this group was called up because they are reserves (some from U20 team in 2012) and need to get some advanced training opportunities/be informed that if they don't play they will have a hard time making the U23 team. Very much like Jurgen would bring in a Shea to get them time to stay sharp and let them know that if they don't get going with the club team... they have no shot at getting on team.

Zach said...

Some interesting omissions just in MLS. Jack Mac, Serna, Trapp, O'Neil, Yedlin, etc., and yet they bring Packwood in from England?

Chris said...

Bringing in Packwood is an odd choice given the other euro based options that were left off the roster. Is he still recovering from injury?

andrés said...

@zach, you DO know there's always the possibility that some of these players might've refused an invitation too.

Zach said...

@andres yes, I saw that Serna and O'Neil chose to play in the Homegrown game instead of attending this camp. Imagine it could be the same for Yedlin.

Michael F said...

anyone know anything about ramon martin del campo? is he a college player or a pro?

bhamhawker said...


I believe some of the MLS omissions are because of prior commitments to All-Star stuff?


Packwood is weird because his team is in preseason and he figures to play a lot for them. Be interesting to see if Gregg can find out anything on that situation.

Greg Seltzer said...

This is not the first time they have allowed him off for US duty when others stayed with their clubs. They seem to view it as part of his development.

soccer boy said...

Yes omar!