Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Emerson Show

In case you were unable to catch the impressive Saturday debut of Fulham midfield whippersnapper Emerson Hyndman, BigSoccer regular Chance was deluxe enough to put together an every-touch video clip of the performance - (complete, for some outstanding reason, with music that makes you want to shut out the whole world and hold that special person close... baby).

Emerson Hyndman vs. Ipswich by Chance612

- Greg Seltzer


Ryan said...

Man, it's almost like watching a young Stuart Holden running around out there.

I'll be very interested to see his defensive abilities (since this video was entirely focused on his offense) and watch how his dribbling continues to progress.

Tom said...

He does sort of remind me of Stu.

UnitedDemon said...

It was encouraging to see him definitely be the player to spray balls around. We need players like that.

Seemed he was sitting pretty deep, was he a #8, or a #10?

Nate said...

I liked it. Kept the ball moving relatively quickly; always seemed to have his eyes downfield for through ball options and yet was very tidy in situations where a turnover would have let them counter. Look forward to seeing more.

Unknown said...

He looks like the #8 metronome player that we all hoped Stu Holden could become. If the US senior team does wind up going to the 4-3-3 setup the youth teams play then he'll probably be key. I hope that he stays in the lineup because he did a great job keeping possession and cutting many Ipswich players out with timely through balls.