Wednesday, September 3, 2014

... and what we will all actually see.

From three defensive- leaning midfielders to none. Mmmmokay. Do remember that, despite this being a friendly, the Czechs will be in serious mode. The weekend brings their next game, a Euro 2016 qualifying opener against the Oranje.

Catch you on the other side with USMNT ratings at MLSS.

UPDATE: Just now noticed Scott posted the line-up already. Oops. The remarks stand, though.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

I don't understand the from three defensive leaning midfielders to none? Umm okay, maybe it's from the World Cup lineup to now.

mix will probably show some nice defensive chops today, and at the very least it will be a good occasion to get the experience.

Maybe our wingers will also show some defensive tenacity.

You know we are going to have some speed out there today, that will be nice to see. Maybe get a sense for what it will be like with yeldin and gyau patrolling the same flank

Unknown said...

Morales is the DM that people thought would start today, but didn't. Second half for him, perhaps.

dikranovich said...

Scott, I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to hyndman stepping on in the second half. And some of these other attackers.

Unknown said...

I noted Hyndman as a surprise selection because of age when I wrote about this friendly roster, but he's quite a talent. I'd like to see him, Rubin, Morales and Morris. Just for fun. The USMNT is already up 1-0 in a meaningless friendly with a young roster. Let's see more of it.

Timmy said...

Scott - and instead you got to see what Brek Shea has to offer.

Matt said...

And, unfortunately, it looks like Brek doesn't offer much more than he did when he made the move over 2 years ago. Get that man out of Stoke!

dikranovich said...

what I think we actually saw yesterday was a strong showing from a young team.

we saw young players picking up their first cap, and coming into the national side, having an understanding of what is expected of them. this bodes well for the future of our program.

USA only scored one yesterday, but they controlled the flow of the game, and if this was a Czech team looking to impress, then the boys did an even better job by shutting them out.

usa is going to have young attacking options coming out of its ears over the next couple years. young attacking options from the likes of Columbus crew, or dc united, or fc Utrecht, and the list goes on and on.

this is a clear sign of a new level of competition, within the team and around us soccer in general. we cant be more than a cycle away from unearthing a real gem, and it might be that we find multiple gems during this time.

oh yeah, if we can all agree that Fabian Johnson is to valuable at wing back, this would go a long way towards putting people on the right course. you know who you are.