Saturday, September 13, 2014


Wake up, sleepyheads! Fresh Birmingham loan catch Brek Shea starts on his debut, kickoff comes in about 35 minutes on beIN Sport. They are hosting a Leeds club that has been pretty bad away this season (eight goals conceded in three games), so this could be interesting.

UPDATE: On 37 minutes, Shea has notched a brilliant assist on the Wes Thomas opener. Great pass.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

Looks like good news all around, with joe Gyau making the 18 for Dortmund

dikranovich said...

well, altidore got to warm the bench and with his team down a goal, he saw three subs made ahead of him. the wickham honeymoon is over, so when jozy gets his chances he will need to produce.

Unknown said...

woot woot for Sandhausen!

Revs Fan said...

Great pass by Brek, and great finish by the striker. Go Joe Gyau. The time has come to stop going to England, and go to Germany and Holland. They're developing players. How many top quality players play in the EPL that came through their own academies. Most players in that league were good to great before they got there.