Monday, September 8, 2014

Down in the stat nerd dungeon...

I have taken this break in club ball to research up another Americans abroad running the numbers bit for MLSS, hence my weekend disappearance. This time, it will be all about putting goals on the board. And in addition to revisiting a couple of stat categories not tallied in a while, there are a few new ones I have run through the old abacus.

I think the article should be ready to fly tomorrow, but felt like throwing a challenge out there in the brief interim. One of the brand new and shiny career stats have counted up for all the Americans that have played in Europe is late hero goals that changed the result - a ka a match-winner or a game-tying strike, as well as any goals that decided a cup tie on aggregate (goals that tick both the game and tie boxes only get counted once) in the 75th minute and beyond, including extras. The count goes for all top flights, the second divisions from England, France, Germany and the Netherlands, plus domestic and UEFA cup play.

So here is the challenge: In the comments, list for everybody your guesses for the top player on this particular career scoring chart with his number of danger-rescue goals, plus Mssrs. second and third place (order not necessary, just hit the right pair of names), the top central midfielder and the top center back. In the spirit of the exercise, make your best educated guesses - please do not spend the next 14 hours checking the wide variety of sites and other sources I wallow in for this stuff.

Let us call it six points up for grabs there; five players and the total the king of the bail-out artists has on his Euro-CV. Whoever bags the most will get a snazzy retro prize to flaunt at your next kick-about.

Ready, steady, go!

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Aiming for a 0/6 here but, I'm going to go with Jozy with 10, McBride and Dempsey as the other 2. CM - Jones CB- Gooch.

mark said...

Dempsey most AJ Altidore Jones Bocanegra

carrschilling said...

Dempsey, AJ, Altidore, Bradley, Onyewu

Greg Seltzer said...

Fellas, do not forget to give me a total for the leader (in both of your cases, Deuce).

Unknown said...

Ernie Stewart 12. Clint Dempsey Brian McBride,CM M Bradley and Onyewu

Luke Oltmans said...

Altidore most with 8, Dempsey, Stewart. CM Edu. CB Bocanegra.

Zach said...

Deuce with 9. Jozy, McBride. CM Mix. CB Bocanegra

Luke said...

Dempsey 14. Altidore, Johannsson, Kljestan, Bocanegra.

Unknown said...

Forwards - Dempsey, McBride, Joe-Max Moore
Mid - Earnie Stwart
Defender - Bocanegra

Jayboy said...

Dempsey 16
Aaron Jo

Jayboy said...
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Jolazo said...

1st - Deuce (11)

2nd - Jozy
3rd - McBride

CM - Reyna

CB - Bocanegra

Carl said...

Dempsey - 12

Anonymous said...

Assuming by the way the question is phrased that the three leaders are not CMs, then, but correct me if I'm wrong

1. Dempsey (15)
2. McBride
3. Earnie Stewart

CB: Gooch
Spiritual CB Goals Leader: Demerit just for that promotion championship goal with Watford
CM: Claudio Reyna

tom said...

1. Earnie Stewart (15)
2. Clint Dempsey
3. Jozy Altigoal

CM: Jermaine Jones
CB: Carlos Bocanegra

Unknown said...

dempsey (8)

CM: mo edu
CB: thomas dooley
GK: brad friedel

Greg Seltzer said...

Dany, just so you know, the only American GK to score a result-changing goal post-75th minute overseas is Adin Brown (2-2 stoppage time equalizer against Rosenborg in 2007).

While at Blackburn in 2004, Friedel did score near time v. Charlton, but then conceded the 3-2 winner shortly thereafter. Almost had one.

Steve Gentilella said...

McBride top with 7

CM- O'Brien
CB- Dooley

Greg Seltzer said...

The final draft has been turned in, so this article will go up tonight or tomorrow. Those who have not yet guessed best hurry!

Unknown said...

i had no idea they had conceded lol que lastima

Tony M said...

Here's my guess:

#1 - Clint Dempsey, 10 result-improving goals, 75th minute or later
#2 & #3 - Earnie Stewart (he had 8) and Roy Wegerle (7)
Top Central Midfielder - Mikkel Diskerud (4)
Top Center Back - Gregg Berhalter

Tony M said...

(Think I fooled anyone?)

Greg Seltzer said...

You are clearly the Oracle.