Thursday, September 25, 2014

Me likes.

No, I'm not on about yet another one of my stat nerd cavortings (cavortions? cavortations? cavortum?).

I'm talking about this. G'on 'head, Sunil!

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

So basically galati says he will broach the subject in the meeting. Blatter, explains that no executive committee members brought up the subject, and when asked to comment on blatters response, Sunil declines comment.

And some German big wig earlier this week says Qatar can't host a World Cup in this heat, because even people need to walk around outside in this heat. Nothing of working in said conditions.

And with all this, there are deep underlying conditions which make this one potential geo-political quagmire.

I think blatter might see himself as a broker between super powers.

dikranovich said...

With people like the mayor of Sacramento supporting the soccer initiative in this country, we are really destined for big things.

soccer boy said...

K.j. kevin johnson was the man back in the day. Youtube kevin johnson nba highlights. He was the real deal!

Unknown said...

Any news on the JAB situation? Stuck in reserves til January or will he be waived?

Greg Seltzer said...

He was just dropped for the game, from what I can see. The word verzicht has several different contexts, I think folks are fretting over nothing more than an online translator.

dikranovich said...

Jabrooks started for the reserves this week. They lost 3-0