Friday, September 12, 2014

Putting money where the mind is.

Check out this interesting Forbes bit that reveals how Madison Avenue is waking up to the USMNT in a big way. Can you imagine how hot this attention would get if our boys threatened a final four run, as Klinsi aims to do in 2018?

American loves winners. Now, they have finally come to really love the Nats. It just goes to show you how the team is thought of (and how the players are perceived as personalities) by the average or passive fan out there - so this is not just about ad dollars going up. Two things have really changed here and they kinda go together.

- Greg Seltzer


Tybz said...

I'd be curious to see where soccer-related ad revenue lands by the end of this year in the US. I read an article earlier this summer stating that soccer-related ad revenue had jump 43% in 2013 to some like $275 million. With the success of the WC in the US this year, how much higher will it be now?

Also curious about where the US ranks in terms of emerging soccer markets. Are we the hottest bet for investors? If an investor has a option between investing in an MLS team or say a team in Japan or Australia, where are the more inclined to go?

I'd be interested to see that reported on.

tom said...

Yorks is the antithesis of Spencer Wadsworth.

Unknown said...

meanwhile MLS racks in more money to spend on foreign players and never adopt relegation/promotion

I read in a bookstore book that I did not buy that the 4 fastest growing soccer markets are the US, Japan, Australia, and Iraq. I don't remember the order.

andrés said...

Dany, you really won't drop $11 to buy Soccernomics and you're grumpy that MLS refuses to adopt relegation-promotion?

Unknown said...

it was like 30$ haha #collegebookstore

im grumpy that they won't even consider it. "never, not even possible" is not a good attitude. there is no downside to conversation and discussion.

dikranovich said...

Good rule of thumb, if there is an upside, then there is a downside also. Just like if there is an inside, there must to be an outside. A place where I like to reside. On the outside, looking in.

Unknown said...

Jack Handy, is that you?