Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What do I want to see tonight?

Hemmm, lemme think...

1 - Universal peace (and I am not just saying that to win the beauty pageant).

2 - For all the ladies to wear shorts.

3 - Cake. Enough said.

4 - For neon green to be forever banished as a color for use in clothing.

5 - This USMNT line-up. Arranging the midfield is the tough part, hella-tough. The rest practically picks itself.

- Greg Seltzer


RobUsry said...

Not too far off. At least we have actual wingers for the first time since the Revolutionary War.

jon said...

Greg, since Klinsi has given us a midfield trio of Mix, Bedoya and Corona, who do you take off at halftime to make way for Morales?

dikranovich said...

Why??? Why is there this stubbornness ? One center half is wrong footed, the other is slow, and protecting a player picking up his first cap. We are playing on foreign soil, and it would be nice to pick up a win.

Let's try again, shall we beauty queen.

Greg Seltzer said...

What stubbornness exactly? And no grief at Klinsi for having players on their wrong foot in his line-up?

Because it was my preference. That's why. Duh.