Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Here we go! (grabs popcorn)

First of all, Ives killed this little interview with Klinsi, which will surely sting MLS and some of its most ardent backers.  He beat it with a stick. But I also love Jurgen Klinsmann freely saying the stuff that he knows will not be popular. And then doing it again to MLSS the same day.

Side note life tip: If/when you want to be popular, lie a lot. Being totally honest will not make ya too many friends, but at least they will be good, valuable and/or highly interesting ones.

I continue to have great difficulty figuring out the USMNT boss (which I can only assume he enjoys). Sometimes, he says things I jump up and rally behind with all my might, and sometimes he says things that make me feel like he knows he is having a laugh. But why? Dunno.

To steal from Zlatan: He is Klinsi.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

One thing JK doesn't touch on was his directive that you must be getting regular minutes to get a spot on the squad. Well Dempsey was struggling to get minutes at Spurs and the midfield at Roma started to get crowded. Now both players play almost every minute of every game. Altidore on the other hand is getting no minutes, but JK fully supports him and his situation.

So what's more important to JK, consistent minutes or being on a big team roster?

Greg Seltzer said...

Okay, but these lack-of-minutes situations you refer to have until now all been temporary, plus there is the daily fight for places Klinsi likes to talk about on occasion.

Pragmatic Idealist said...

Its a catch 22. Players can't break into top level play if they are not on the top teams. But both Dempsey and Bradley were seeing a reduction in their minutes as starters for those teams. So which is more important?

For JK, I think its just frustration. He needs them breaking through, but he doesn't need them on those teams and not playing.

For the player its an easier decision when they are offered the big money that the MLS was offering as well as significant leadership roles and significant and consistent playing time.

JK really can't win. He wants to push his players into those higher levels but so far all the current US players struggle with playing time when they try. Both Dempsey and Bradley had fought long enough that they both felt they had reached their ceilings in terms of the level of teams they could get regular minutes for. Those minutes were only going to go down.

They both could have probably stayed in better leagues.. but on worse teams for a lot less money. That would probably be preferable for JK- but not for any player.

Unknown said...

Greg, how do you reconcile your personal desire to have US players playing in Europe while also writing for MLS? I guess it's easier since you cover US players abroad for MLS, but still it's got to be hard not to marginalize MLS at the same time.

Greg Seltzer said...

I would not say I marginalize MLS, but one cannot deny there is a hierarchy when it comes to overall level of competition. It is not demeaning to say a player can more easily outgrow MLS than he could the Bundesliga.

Unknown said...

Well you show great restraint when half of the comments to your articles about players abroad on MLSSoccer.com are "COME TO MLS"

dikranovich said...

its hard to believe lee win is twenty eight, but he is. I guess he was actually getting call ups when he was with PSV, and now he is scoring 15 goals in a season, and he is probably pretty close to a call up. bobby wood is only playing for 1860, but he probably has a higher ceiling, even relative to age. this is just part of the evolution to the next level.

Unknown said...

from a player's perspective...
one of the things you are taught is that there are two types of pressures that push players to improve/maintain their level of play.
the first type is pressure in the games. this is the drive to win matches and help the club achieve its goals.
the second type is pressure from within the team. this is the struggle to hold your place on the team, you must push yourself in training to get minutes.

bradley and dempsey obviously were enduring the second type of pressure and also some of the first because they were on borderline CL teams.
with MLS, they are obviously neither experiencing the second type of pressure. whether they get the first type is questionable. for dempsey being in a title race is obviously something but does the MLS thrill compare to PL or europa league? and for bradley the situation is terrible, being on a club with a losing record, though he does give it his all in games.

there is more to life than football. bradley and dempsey have families. they want to make money and this includes having charities to contribute to. from a football perspective, i would say that it's non-arguable that their level of play is going to suffer in MLS. i'll take altidore busting his butt every day in training over bradley playing 90 minutes surrounded by Toronto's well-intentioned buffoons.

dikranovich said...

I guess we will see what kind of game Bradley brings tonight. The proof is in the pudding!!!

yankee said...

Life at the higher levels will always include competition for playing time. Clint wasn't not playing, nor was Mike. Clint got regular start with Spurs and Mike was a regular sub and spot starter for Roma.

I think Jurgen's issue is more not only not sticking it out and competing(I can understand 31 yr old Clint coming back) but rather dropping to a much lower quality league. Dropping from Spurs/Roma to Sea/TFC is like dropping from Spurs/Roma to the Championship or 2Bund. That's a steep drop. For a guy like Mike entering his prime, it's quite questionable. That he hasn't played all that well since going to TFC, it's even more questionable. I'm not sure TFC could even stay up in the Championship btw.

But those guys did spend years testing themselves in top leagues. The bigger issue will be do other players shy away from top competition in order to play it safe.

I also don't get why some argue level of competition doesn't matter. It most certainly does although a few can do well anywhere. But if there's no benefit from testing yourself in Europe's top leagues, you're also by extent arguing there's little benefit from playing varsity instead of JV, Junior College instead of full D1, USL/NASL or MLS, the NBA or in China or France, The NFL or CFL. No one would say that though.

If there's little difference between MLS and playing in top leagues, then there's little difference between playing in the USL and MLS. Many MLS fans wouldn't agree though and what they're most concerned with is defending the league at all costs rather than being objective.

yankee said...

If we want to truly be a top NT, we've got to have our best playing above the Championship and 2Bund level.

MLS doesn't suddenly take a big leap forward because a handful of NTers come back. MLS will take that leap from better development, a higher salary cap, better coaching and patience.

What's hypocritical is if there was a exodus of our players to the Championship or 2Bund, people would be asking WTF are they doing. But because it's MLS, fandom and patriotism comes into play rather than the level of soccer.

If Jozy was going to leave Sunderland for Barnsley, would anyone be happy? But if he came back to MLS, I bet many would, even though many MLS teams are near a Barnsley level.

Unknown said...

Jose Mourinho recently said that he prefers to keep his very best young prospects at Chelsea to train with the first team squad rather than send them out on loan to get playing time.

Obviously Bradley isn't young, but he's traded working with a top class manager and training with a squad that includes some world class players for a day-to-day experience that falls vastly short of that. More minutes on the pitch doesn't do anything at all for professional development when you've taken such a big step down in class.

It'd be a bit like James Milner getting tired of being Man City's 12th man and moving to Bolton to improve his England prospects, a dreadful idea. Interestingly, James Milner to Roma for a cut price $16m if he doesn't sign a new Man City contract is a story that's been doing the rounds...

Unknown said...

arials is right, it's all about the day-to-day in training. look at how dominant Jean-Eudes Maurice is for Haiti.

Unknown said...

Wow, 10 goals in 15 caps. Impressive.