Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kljestan v Arsenal

As promised, here is my stat breakdown on Sacha Kljestan's Champions League showing at Arsenal last night. And I've thrown on a long highlight reel to go with it. If you missed the game, you can catch a few of the major plays referenced in the article.

Arsenal 3 - 3 Anderlecht - Champions League (04... by LatestGoals4u

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

Good piece. Although the comments underneath it make me question the cognitive abilities of some readers. Like the guy who asked why you didn't mention Najar. Um, because it's about Kjestan? (I'm sure he is a perfectly bright guy and I am picking on him unfairly.)

Safe to say that Klestan had a positive buy minor influence on the game.

Arcticrules said...

Why didn't u mention Najar?

Unknown said...

eh it's a fair question. I actually was watching highlights and thought "oh hey, that's andy najar. i bet NSC has something to say about that". and now im commenting.