Wednesday, November 19, 2014

That time again.

It did not take me long to fill out and submit my vote for the Fútbol de Primera Player of the Year Award this year. Being that it was a World Cup year, the culmination of four years worth of hard work means shining in Brazil this past summer is the overwhelmingly dominant requirement for mention on my ballot. I will not go the full extent of calling it a World Cup-only trophy, but it is what it is, and we all know not to pretend otherwise.

Is it possible I can tab the winner at the top of my ballot for a third straight year? Is that even allowed? Because my guy this year has never won one of these.

1 - Tim Howard
2 - Jermaine Jones
3 - DaMarcus Beasley

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

I'd list Beckerman before Beasley. I love Run DMB, but I have not been a fan of him at left back (although that is probably the most - and perhaps only - successful position switch.) Not going to rehash why, rather say that Beckerman was a steadier, more important presence.

As for Howard .. well, he's great. But I noticed a tendency in the world cup that I think other teams recognize in that he goes low too soon. The Nani goal is a case in point. Nitpicking, perhaps, but when you are picking our "guy of the year" you should put him under a microscope. My vote would probably be Jones, Beckerman, Howard.

Unknown said...

club performance is important too. the great year that everton had puts howard at #1

Tony M said...

Dany, I thought this is the national team only award? If it does include club, than Howard probably goes top of my list.

Greg Seltzer said...

The ballot says nothing about club play, so I do not factor that into my vote.

It does say:

"Fútbol de Primera is pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as part of an elite group of sports journalists to vote for: The best Player on the U.S. National Soccer Team in 2014...

The Award

* The Fútbol de Primera Player of the Year Award recognizes the best player on the U.S. National Team who has played in at least 3 games during the calendar year."

Unknown said...

oh im sorry i thought this was the ussf award

dikranovich said...

I hate to see Howard at the top of the list, ostensibly because he did well in two losing efforts, at the World Cup.

Greg Seltzer said...

Not sure what difference that makes.

brian said...

timmy two hands wins!