Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Did I mention this was not easy?

And now, we move to my dedicated #6, where we could all find oodles of candidates worth a mention. We also have a fairly large age gap between the current top men and the next generation. As such...

Geoff Cameron
Daniel Williams
Kyle Beckerman

Wow, that turned out not to be so difficult after all. This is exactly how I had it in early spring, before the Williams injury. He is only slightly ahead of Beckerman now because he needs the reps more. Not ready to displace Cameron or move past grade A squad example K-Becks, though. Even with Edu still a viable option and the likes of Kitchen, Morales and Okugo on the horizon. When he gets back from injury, Stanko could enter the picture at some point. And there are still others we could discuss, but they likely have fallen elsewhere on the Clipboard or will.

- Greg Seltzer


Zach said...

Maybe you have him somewhere else, but Will Trapp will fight for the 6 spot for WC2018. Rumor is he will be in January camp

Greg Seltzer said...

Check back in a couple hours. ;)

Tony M said...

I know this is beyond the scope of the exercise, but if Cuba suddenly agreed to let Ozzie Alanso play for the US, does he crack this top three?

Tom said...

No, he's too old

WilkersonMclaser said...

Just going to point out that Okugo > Edu as DCM for Philly last season.

Also, if Kyle is young enough, then Ozzie is definitely not too old. He'd displace KyBeck on form/upside, but perhaps not on Klinsi's trust.