Sunday, December 7, 2014

Galaxy Make It Five

The third time was not so charming for the New England Revs, as Robbie Keane bagged the MLS Cup overtime winner to give Los Angeles a fifth title and Landon Donovan a ride off into the sunset as a champion.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

It's ironic, but if LD puts in a full slate this past summer in brasil, LA probably does not achieve the same outcome they did today. It's official, there is a new gold standard. Eighteen years was not a bad run for DCunited. Congrats to Galaxy!!!

Unknown said...

galaxy have been the top of mls for 5 years now. dc made the playoffs twice in the past 7 years

dikranovich said...

Dany, LA have won three of four, and yesterday the won their fifth. Before yesterday they had four titles same as DC United, but DC got to four first, and these teams did have two head to head finals meetings.

LA would not be in this spot without Bruce, just ask Rudd guilit.

Galaxy are the new gold standard, but not before yesterday.

Unknown said...

so in 2010 the galaxy were looking at DC United like "dang we need to emulate them. lets get a 50 year old cookie-cutter stadium, cut our attendance in half, and finish last place in our conference. thatll really make us the class of the league."

dikranovich said...

Dany, you are starting to quote yourself, seek help immediately. Galaxy did go and hire a former United coach, and in 2010 Galaxy were sitting on two MLS cups, while DC were on four. It doesn't take a national merit quarterfinalist to understand who was ahead in 2010 between these two teams.

Unknown said...

1999 ≠ 2010. you seem to misunderstand the conventions of time. when arguing about how good argentina's league is now you talked about maradona. don't get me wrong, i personally don't think time is real, but for the sake of this topic let's agree to pretend it is.

in 2010, LA were better than DC in every aspect except 10 year old history. the only reason history matters is that it helps you in the present sometimes.

put it this way, would you rather a young american talent sign with leeds or with man city?

and im glad you remembered that i am a national merit quarterfinalist :) i have a fan *yay*