Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mix and matches

No, I am not suggesting that Mikkel Diskerud is a pyromaniac. Or even that he loves old school Def Leppard. It is just time to shed a little (but not all) light on the chase scene for his free agent services.

There will be a full MLS report on this probably tomorrow, but for now I can now confirm he currently has interest from clubs in MLS, Greece, Russia, Ukraine and two western European countries. Given my usual beat, past history with the player and his style, you can surely guess one of those places without trying. The other will stay in a vest pocket for now.

This is all, naturally, on top of extension talks with Rosenborg and the standing offers from Qatar.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Mix would be a perfect fit for the style of the russian league, which is stronger than the dutch league and about on par with the french

Anonymous said...

Of course Mix is in charge of his own life/career. But from a fan's perspective, hopefully some of his advisors and the USMNT coaches are pushing him to accept a new challenge a step above the Tippeligaen.

Tony M said...

Ukraine? He waiting to hear from a team in Syria?

Unknown said...

the ukrainian league is playing their regular schedule. teams from the occupied provinces (not including the crimea which is now full-on russia) are renting stadiums in the center of the country, and most of those teams get a lot of fans commuting from the east. the season is running very smoothly.

Tony M said...

Dany, actually I do know that. But I didn't want the truth to interfere with a good joke.

I'm glad the season is running smoothly

dikranovich said...

You know what would be a real Greek tragedy, is mix going to qatar, at least for some people.

I think third time is going to be a charm for Mix and MLS.

I'm sure he regrets the missed chance to go to Portland. He would have had a groovy time in that city and its in the past now anyway. With a new CBA coming, anything is possible.

Mix could play in an international city, one hopefully with a new stadium coming in a couple years, and when it comes, that will be phat as phat can get.

Plus this team is going to be going for the first champions league crown by an MLS team, and until someone wins more, which could be this weekend, but until someone wins more, DC United is still the gold standard

Unknown said...

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, Dik returns to peddling ignorance, his psychic ability intuiting the perfect link between Mix and Portland or other MLS climes. Let's not care which league will actually improve Mix's ability; instead, hope for groove and phat and all that jazz.

For those of us with feet on the planet Earth, the best place for Mix would be a league where he can get training and games against better defenses, with a Europa or Champions League birth being possible. The Dutch league would be my preference, as there are a number of teams that could hone Mix's attacking abilities.

dikranovich said...

I think we can all agree that tippenin league is pretty technical. Mix does not need technical help, he needs toughness, and more aggression.

Let's look at the positives of a move to DCU.
1. Perry kitchen
2. Espindola
3. Several other young players, that you can grow with nicely.
4. Ben Olsen
5. New stadium
6. John wall and the wiz kids+the best hockey player on the planet.
7. CONCACAF champions league. First MLS team to win this will have real legs.
8. Yummy appetizers abound in this town, from far and wide. World wide.
9. Beaches and mountains 2 hr drive.
10. 9:30 club. (Robert Randolph', matisyahu, and Gogol bordello). That's just in the next month

Unknown said...

or he could go to a team that has fans.

Unknown said...

Will not respond to a laundry list of players and coaches who are not necessary to improve Mix's abilities, city life and club amenities, and a bulging bag of random "facts" about going to DCU--all of which will not help Mix become tougher or more aggressive.

Crickets, you are the only logical conclusion to such trolling. QED.

dikranovich said...

John, 1,2,3,and 4, will all help with his toughness and aggression.

It's kind of funny, but you always here why a team is not a good fit for a player, Sunderland as an example, but rarely do you talk about a team being a good fit for a player. It's usually people talking about a league that is a good fit.

As if to harness the spirit of Horace Greeley, and his go west slogan, people suggest to go Dutch.