Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Moving along...

Now that youve had a good, clean half-hour imagining all the things young Mr. Zelalem could do in a US shirt, we sneak over to the right center back stable, which was a helluva lot tougher than it has been for a while. And still, some will manage to hate my lead choice, one I foresee being all cool with straight to Russia.

Omar Gonzalez
Chad Marshall
Matt Hedges

Yep, it is time for both the return of Marshall and some fresh blood. Parkhurst may still have some say in this list or the one for right back, Orozco Fiscal is also around there somewhere and other guys will probably rise (O'Neill, Packwood, Palmer-Brown), but for now I would quite like to see my three get some PT for varying reasons.

- Greg Seltzer


Jay said...

Palmer-Brown needs to show he's capable of playing even at an MLS level before we talk about him being in consideration for a national team place. What I saw of him this past season at SKC tells me he needs more time learning how to read the game. Rash decisions on the field seem to be his forte.

Greg Seltzer said...

True, but overall we are talking about a 42-month time frame here.

dikranovich said...

well, I hope the reason you want chad marshall isn't because of his age, because he is going to be 34 in 2018.

dikranovich said...

sorry, I stand corrected. he will be 33