Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Speaking of giving seasoning reps...

Welcome to the official position for that, left back. With DaMarcus DaMan gone from the USMNT set-up, wouldn't it be nice to see a battle royale between left-footed people happen here? Ya know, just for fun.

Gregory Garza
Justin Morrow
Edgar Castillo

I am fully willing to let Garza be the top cat here for now, but I am also not sure why Morrow is still confined to one sole January 2013 cap. To me, Rogers is not yet ready for an LB recall and Klute needs to bounce back a bit, but we could see them at some point over the next couple years.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

ok, Garza is a real solid choice to be the left back going forward. but ill be a dang gone monkeys uncle if Justin morrow is a second choice left back for the us national team. f that, and no offense to the chap.

I challenge anyone to go look at the highlights of the 3-1 loss at red bull arena, or the 3-nil in dc united. shoot, go look at any highlights. he is slow, of foot and mind, he is shrugged off to easy. im not even sure he is left footed.

at least we have edgar Castillo to fall back on.

Zach said...

I think Rogers could do the job better than Morrow or Castillo, but the player I really like is in the familiar position of being stuck behind another USMNT LB at Xolos.

RobUsry said...

Castillo and Morrow over Rogers is ridiculous. Rogers bring much needed technical ability that the other two sorely lack.

dikranovich said...

Speaking of xolos, it sounds like paal has burned bridges within MLS circles, and now just south of the boarder as well.

Mix might just be joining Saprissa of the Costa Rican league, if he's not careful. Surfs up!!!