Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We interrupt your regularly scheduled clipboard for ZOMG IT IS REALLY HAPPENING.

Read it and weep (the good kind).

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

As a Yank and a Gooner, I'm delighted. I figured this would always go this way - reports are that he very much identified as an American. He also played his youth soccer (or at least the bulk of it) here. To me, it's not just about collecting bodies for the Nats, it is about the US system generating players. I think we get to take some credit on this one.

dikranovich said...

what a difference an hour makes. Some people new all along who this young man would be representing.

Tony M said...

And why not? There has been speculation for months about it. The Washington Post has covered him for a couple years and that has always been the read between the lines conclusion.

But of course rather than asking why somone might have beleived this is the way it would work out, you make your typical dik-like comment...

dikranovich said...

tony, its like the American coaching in Germany. his opinion is that the national team has to find its own game and style, and cant just follow some other country. is he right?

maybe the truth is that we are developing a style and a game every day, for days and years. you got to think, after these years, that maybe something has slowed the advance, some kind of conflict between principles.

I don't know, then you read this steve snow story, and basically, for one reason or another, americans have not really ever had control of their own destiny in the soccer world. I guess it could also be fair for some to say the development has been at a reasonable pace.

dikranovich said...

this sort of gets down to the reasons against pro/rel. MLS has helped America develop a style, be it charter members like dc united and LA, or new teams like timbers and sounders.

these MLS teams are developing relations with USL teams, and that is gold for player development, is it not? you drop pro/rel, on todays soccer landscape in America, and you have teams trying to get into the top tier, rather than trying to develop players for the national team, excuse me, the MLS.

lets put it this way, when NASL has been around as long in its second incarnation, as it was in its first, multiply that by two, and we will be ready for promotion/relegation. and it might not be that long, in all seriousness.