Monday, January 26, 2015

I. Am. So. Jealous.

While I stay green with envy, the US Under-20 national team (currently known around my flat as "those lucky-ducky little bastards!!") is all set for a trip to New Zealand. After appearing on the outs in CONCACAF qualifying, the Baby Nats ran the table to reach the final and clinch their place in the 2015 U-20 World Cup. Congrats, gents. And be sure try the lamb.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

Just to clarify, Mexico and panama played in the final and panama took Mexico to pk's before succumbing.

Concacaf is tight and the teams that many people thought could be dismissed, can't.

It's a fact that, the sooner everyone can get used to, we will be much better off as a soccer nation.

This young team always looked in control of their destiny, save not getting an equalizer against panama

Jon said...

What's this crap about Agudelo coming back to MLS?

Is every last one of our NTers going to run back home? Did Agudelo really ruin any interest in him over the last year that he can't find any decent situation in Europe?

Greg, are you gonna move back to the states if this continues?

mark said...

Whats wrong with 1860?

Dr.Jon said...

Or Werder Bremen?

dikranovich said...

1869 has not been kind to American strikers, nor has 1860. Be it bobby wood, or Kenny cooper or Taylor twellman. Agudelo is finally making a good move, if he can get back to MLS and the revs

dikranovich said...

If you really want to know how the new CBA is going to turn out for the players, just look at the fans. How can owners in good conscience give a larger raise when American fans are against the improvement of the league? Almost like one would discard ashes from the end of a butt. That's what the commentary sounds like.

If the players are smart, they will take what they can get, and play go play there butts off for the next CBA

Tony M said...

I'd bet that at least half of the players currently in the league would gone by time the next CBA is agreed to. Asking them to wait is asking them... a lot.

The league can't be surprised about the players demands around free agency. They must have a plan B; its a matter of when they bring it to the table.

I hope both sides recognize that a strike would undo a lot of great progress over the last few years.

dikranovich said...

Colin Martin is a young player for DC United with a bright future. He logged just under 200 mins in MLS last season and he made 70 k. Nick Deleon played just under 3000 mins and he only made 120 k last season, but that is almost three times as much as he made just a couple years prior.

Clay Goodson didn't make a lot with Dallas, so he moved to Europe and made more. He is back in MLS with San jose banking over 300k. He probably could have made more, but he doesn't want to live in a Muslim country.

You tell owners to build academies, and then you wanna try and tell them to accept some sort of free agency. its a tough sell.

The most underpaid man in MLS has to be F Espindola at 150k

dikranovich said...

two more things:

1. I don't think players are paid less than what is quoted, but in many cases, they are paid more.

2. its hard to convince the general public that American soccer players don't have free agency when you have a fredy adu, who has been on three MLS teams alone.

jon said...

Except it has been reported that Espindola has been making more than 150k for several years, but his amount listed against the salary cap was artificially low because it was being paid down with allocation money...until this year.

dikranovich said...

It looks like the 3-5-2 might be for real tomorrow against chile. It makes so much sense for our nation to play this 3-5-2/5-3-2. This is our natural formation, and the positions should be drilled into the whole federation.

4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3, it's the same damn thing, you just play a 4-2-3-1 on defense, and a 4-3-3 in attack.

Hazard is doing the same thing on the left wing, whether you call it a 4-5-1, or a 4-3-3.

3-5-2 does open The door for a guy like Tim ream

Anonymous said...

hmm weird, I don't remember Clarence Goodson making a public statement about how he doesn't wanna live in a muslim country. Or wait, this is just you assuming that he probably has similar "views" about muslims, dik? You should talk more on this we would LOVE to hear about it. You seem like a smart fella.

Unknown said...

@k-hamrin: Thanks for pointing out another case of unnecessary, crude dikranovich bile.

Greg, you've given dikranovich countless ultimatums for his inappropriate comments. How many more of these comments will you allow to sully your blog?

dikranovich said...

JLP, im here talking about soccer, meanwhile, you are here talking about me. whats up with that???

your way of thinking has failed.... for too long.... for too long... droning on and on about pipe dreams, with no real end game.

you wanna send a man to mars, to train for an event on earth. such a waste of resourses... this has gone on for too long... to long...

kham, clay goodson did not say he didn't want to play in turkey because it was too muslim, the Turkish press did.

dikranovich said...

hey, not for nothing, but there is some really good soccer on today. if you can block out that time from 1pm est until 8pm, you could catch, AfCON, Cameroon v cote dvoire, and it actually looks like they will be showing two games at one time on bein, with guinea v mali being the other.

follow this up at 3pm with no less than copa del ray matchup athletico v barca, from the calderon. I saw Madonna back in the day perform at the Madrid stadium.

5pm-6, you get an hour for dinner, then 6 is the main event, dialed in from FS1, just above NBCSN on your directv.