Friday, January 9, 2015

Man Overboard

Yep, I am suggesting that Klinsi is going too far with the America's got talent kids show. I am surprised he did not call up Nick Cannon just to introduce half these guys to the audience. The boss has called 28 onboard for the Camp Cupcake cruise. We have guys not playing, guys coming back from serious injury and even some MLS guys who have probably earned a look but are nowhere to be found.

I left these in the official position assignments, some of these guys tend to move around from time to time. While I see the potential benefits of this approach and I am happy to see certain guys called, this roster is too crowded, confused and green for my taste.

G - Alex Bono (MLS draft-eligble), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Jon Kempin (Sporting KC), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

D - Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Steve Birnbaum (DC United), Christian Dean (Vancouver Whitecaps), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Jermaine Jones (New England Revolution), Perry Kitchen (DC United), Shane O’Neill (Colorado Rapids), Oscar Sorto (LA Galaxy)

M - Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Mix Diskerud (free agent), Dennis Flores (León), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Miguel Ibarra (Minnesota United), Lee Nguyen (New England Revolution), Marc Pelosi (Liverpool U-21's), Dillon Serna (Colorado Rapids), Brek Shea (Orlando City), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew)

F - Tesho Akindele (FC Dallas), Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders), Julio Morales (Tepic), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich), Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy)

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

Ok, it's halftime, let's interject. The forwards have deuce, the midfield has Bradley, and the defense has jones. Can you get much more experience out of a national team camp? Only if Howard were there, and Nicky has excellent experience.

I mean, what the F????

Greg Seltzer said...

Can you get much more experience than one guy per line? Umm, yeah. That is a silly question, but actually I did not say there had to be so much experience. I just said there is too much overt inexperience. Are you going to suggest that there are not players who have performed or could perform now being skipped over for a whooole lot of kids? Sorry, I am not for treating the cycle as a four-year academy. The extent to which he is digging is at least a bit curious, in all fairness. This is not something one often sees, the national team calling up a litter of guys with little first team club experience or none at all.

dikranovich said...

You must have misunderstood Greg. when I said Nicky has excellent experience I was not talking about mr Maria Carey.

It's a January camp, and most countries in the world don't hold January camps. Bob Bradley invited 24 players to his last camp back in the beginning of 2011. Coach klinsmann invited 20 to his first camp in charge.

It was mandated before the camp that this was an opportunity to integrate Olympic hopefuls into the full national team.

All these Mexican Americans are basically LA products and coach klinsmann has watched them develop over the last couple years

Greg Seltzer said...

And pray tell, what exactly is the purpose/benefit of integrating players from the just-begun Olympic set-up? Should these players not be focused on the Olympic set-up?

dikranovich said...

dude.... stop it, please! hopefully the Olympic setup began the moment the USA did not qualify for the last Olympics.

I mean really, come on. there is an U/20 qualifying going on right now, and obviously a handful of those guys are going to be on the Olympic team.

there are the over 20s, but under 23s, they are the guys being called into this camp, there are eleven of these guys on this roster.

this is clearly the strongest camp cupcake ever, for gods sake.

the 2005 U/20 team with the likes of spector, and ngyuen, and wynne, and benny, that was a good team, they beat messi and argentina in the group stages. the reality is, that was ten years ago. time doesn't slow down for anyone. it doesn't wait, or take pause. it moves forward, relentlessly.

Greg Seltzer said...

Muh huh. Okay then.

dikranovich said...

surely you know steve Birnbaum is a player, and Dillon serna is as well. Pelosi and trapp are talented.

it appears that there are probably four players on this roster that greg has a beef with.

maybe now that he better understands the situation, he does not have such a beef.

Greg Seltzer said...

Stop posting here to comment on other posters, stop putting words in their mouths. You came in here asking a legit question on the topic, since then it has been all pure nonsense intended to insult me. That is finished.

Now... you have not answered a single question I put to you about the coach calling this particular roster. Why so many Olympic team guys instead of guys like Shipp, Rowe, Hedges, etc? Nothing I am saying about the selection of this squad is even slightly controversial. In fact, these are downright duh-doy observations I am making.

dikranovich said...

Nope, guess not. Oh vie je suis. Cranius Maximus, thicker than molasses.

I find so much about this conversation deeply insulting, and troubling. But what is the point? There is no discussion....... None!!!

dikranovich said...

One thing you will not see the women fighting for is age limits on players for the Olympics, because there are none for the girls.

dikranovich said...

the bottom line with this roster: each and every player is there for a reason. none of these selections are willy nilly.

coach klinsmann is serious about the Olympics. I don't know about the U/20, but the u/23, it is no joke. what better way to get your Olympic team ready, then to have a full national game against a good south American team, on the road. follow that up with a game against concacaf foe, panama, and maybe it makes more sense why some of these players are here. hey, germans don't take a dump without a plan.

I don't know, maybe it makes zero sense to try and integrate the Olympic team, by putting them together with the full national team.

maybe some other people could weight in: does it make sense to integrate the Olympic team with the full national team, during camp cupcake? YES OR NO

if it makes sense, its a yes. if not, its a no

dikranovich said...


full team


what are the odds that all three overage players for brasil 16' come out of this camp cupcake?

brian said...

+1 for DIK. Open your eyes greg. DIK could say the sky is blue and you would want to argue with him

Freegle said...

That's only because dik can't say the sky is blue without also telling Greg that Greg said its yellow when he said nothing of the sort.

Sad part is, about once a month, there's a pearl of wisdom in his comments (chalk it up to the "blind squirrel theory"). Unfortunately, he spends so much time insulting others making good points and hiding his own ones in other ridiculous drivel. He might has well have a disclaimer that says "for entertainment purposes only."

If dik had just said "I think this roster is designed to prepare us for the Olympics and here's why....", it may start an interesting and provocative discussion. Instead he insults the moderator, accuses everyone of saying things they haven't said on a regular basis (while also trying to use it against them), and never answers direct questions. How is that a good way to have a discussion?

brian said...

freegle - im gonna need some examples of those accusations on DIK because i haven't seen that...

Unknown said...

Well Alex Bono would be going to his first day of spring semester classes at Syracuse tomorrow if he weren't, you know, that good at soccer.

dikranovich said...

i think it is time we scrap this 4-3-3 project, and get on board with the 3-5-2/5-3-2.

lets do it now, while we have some time to work on it, and according to Ronald koeman, it should not take so long to put a new plan into effect.

this 4-3-3 is nonsense for the USA. its just not a formation that best fills our needs.

lets scrap the 4-3-3 yesterday, and lets make an announcement, so that everyone can be on board.

for gods sake, Louis van gaal played blind as a central defender in a three man backline, and he was pushing up the field. his team might have lost, but that is really besides the point.

down with the 4-3-3!!!! down with the 4-3-3!!!!

make it an emphatic statement.

dikranovich said...

something else that came to me while I was dropping the kids off this morning, the two league structure.

MLS will adopt a two league system that is divided by east and west, 18-20 teams in each league, with balanced schedule, and a grand champion. this is the future for soccer in our country.

Dr.Jon said...

@dikranovich I had the same thoughts a few weeks ago while thinking about the NY Cosmos, as in, what the hell is the plan with the NY Cosmos. I came to the same conclusion, but do you think the NASL will fold well into MLS? Can the US really support 40 "professional" soccer teams? Not sure, but I like the idea.

dikranovich said...

I don't think an 18 team league would be out of order, and that means 36 teams in MLSe&w. Canada has three already, and several more would be very reasonable. So now it would be around thirty teams in the USA, and that is doable, within the next ten years.

Teams would come from NASL, USL, and will be newly formed, perhaps like the kevin Johnson group in California's capital.