Thursday, January 1, 2015

Play It Forward

Okay, so I will finish by tomorrow night. Call it the New Year's lag. Let's call out the dudes who pull strings, Haley Joel Osment wants us to feed the striker...

Clint Dempsey
Mikkel Diskerud
Lee Nguyen

Nguyen edges Gil for now, and all three of these guys chasing Deuce need PT at this level, so it's a straight battle for the future. And yes, Zelalem is now in the picture, but as you know I am not one rush in a teenager with no league appearances for his club. At this time, I would be more inclined to have a look at Powers or old hand Feilhaber. But since the top four will all be available for January camp, there is no pressing need.

- Greg Seltzer

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dikranovich said...

so we have a central midfield of Cameron, Bradley, and deuce. im sort of curious to know the formation these three are going to be in.