Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In-Spect This

As it the early phase of a new World Cup cycle and we have all been going on about player position assignments, you may wish to consider this interesting look at Jonathan Spector the sudden CB that I came across last night. Not only does it add to the USMNT debate a little, but it seems the UK media is starting to become very interested in stats.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

The conclusion of the article...... There is only one stat that matters.

My conclusion, passing is more important for an amican center half. Not good to have a lower passing accuracy than a championship quality player.

I always thought Spector would have made a tip top ballet artist. He could have been world class in that endevour.

How much would it cost an MLS team to sign this guy?

Tom said...

Spector is a solid player. He seems very bright. Given the depth of his experience and many places and positions he has played decently, I wonder if he'll become a coach.

tom said...

What goes around, comes around. Didn't he launch his career as CB?

dikranovich said...

I'd say he probably launched his career as a converted attacking player.

Spector is another player who, like Tim ream, could benefit from USA going to a three man backline.

It's interesting, but hull city moved to a three man backline two games ago, and they are reaping the benefits, with a 2- nil win against brad and villa, and a 1-1 draw on the road at citeh. That is impressive, and will get a team out of the drop zone.

Greg Seltzer said...

When do you realize that what some other team does in a given set-up is not relevant to what they USMNT should do.

Besides, if you want to tempt with the exploits of Hull City, well... good luck.

dikranovich said...

Greg, come off it. That's like saying just because Sunderland used Jozy a certain way, then it would be ok for the U.S. team to expect different results under the same philosophy. Would you expect different results from Jozy on the national team if he was a loan striker with "minimal" service?

I don't know. Hull city played three games with a goal, and three losses. Steve Bruce, on the fly, decided to change it up. It has worked so far. B Rodgers loves the formation, and it does not need to be the middle center half that pushes up the field. Emer can can do it from the right side of a three man backline, or Daley blind can do it from the left side, for Liverpool and Man U respectively.

This is to say JJ does not need to play that middle man in the backline.

Michael F said...

Spector is definitely an interesting option at CB. I believe he started his career as a FW, then Middy.

On a different American CB note, Greg have you heard of Modou Jadama at Colo Colo?

tom said...

it was actually kind of a trick question, he caught the eye of Manchester United when as a U-17 he was switched from forward to central defender. He played there for both the U-17s and U-20s as an international and started his pro career with United as a central defender, but his versatility to play all along the defense and as a defensive midfielder are what has given him such a long career, as he has often played as an outside back or in the midfield. But sometimes what's old becomes new again.