Friday, February 13, 2015

She's Ba-aaack!

How many milestones can Alex Morgan pack into one goal? Well, since you asked... she not only earned the USWNT a 1-0 win over England, but it snapped a (for them) shocking two-game win drought, ended a 217-minute goal famine for the team, served as her first tally since September and gave her 50 international goals at the age of 25. And let us not forget to give props for the deadly Lauren Holiday cross that made it all possible.

- Greg Seltzer

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dikranovich said...

So this is how discussion on soccer goes here in America. Pre-game, the fox boys are talking Geoff cameron and best position. E wynalda proclaims center half his best spot.

Fast forward about an hour and cameron gets caught on the wrong side of the forward attacker in the box, commits a foul, gives away a PK, and gets a red card, all in one play

Then Wynalda says at halftime, no foul!!!