Thursday, March 12, 2015

Box (To Box) Recipe

Good ol' NSC regular Rob Usry is going global. He was kind enough to put together an every-touch clip of Mikkel Diskerud's NYCFC bow against Orlando. When watching this, I want you to think about all those who say the USMNT is not yet capable of using possession to excel.

Then, think about how Mix positions himself after releasing a pass: always safely available to get the ball back and with full view of the road ahead - until he decides to bomb raid the area, Diskerud is essentially the playmaker for reaching the final third, the No. 10 who drops to No. 8... and then OMG he's in the area.

Finally, imagine Michael Bradley forming an understanding with Mix of when he should move forward past the hair model in certain various US attacks. With Deuce running ahead of them or Cameron/Beckerman/Williams/Edu/the ghost of Soccer Dog behind them to play it simple, I vehemently disagree that the US squad is incapable of tactically dictating a match against quality opposition. It just takes, ya know, practice together in these accurate roles. 

Enjoy the soothing video/soundtrack below, and then go check out the rest of Rob's article for his full debut dissection.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

HA! When will you learn Greg, that players play better when they are not in their natural position. We all know it is a matter of time before Jozy excels at CB and Chandler becomes a target forward. Don't mess with Jurgen "the bull" Klinsman or you get the horns.

RobUsry said...

Thanks, Greg.

Unknown said...

Mix's states courtesy of whoscored:
Passing 94.7% (grabavoy at 97%, collin at 90%)
Passes 76 (jacobson 49, higuita 67)
Touches 82 (brovsky 65, higuita 77, kaka 70)

i watched the game live and mix was quite clearly/obviously on a different level than anyone else on the pitch. he might not have the flair, but he certainly has the skills.

Luke said...

so you've got a DM, bradley, mix, dempsey and I'm assuming Jozy up front. Does that mean you're suggesting the 5-3-2 / 3-5-2?

Greg Seltzer said...

Sorry, that sentence should say 'or', not 'and'. My goof.

dikranovich said...
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