Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I've made a huge mistake.

No, not GOB-huge... but, still. The other day I remarked that AZ forward AJ was the BMOC when it came to US goal scorers operating in UEFA honor divisions. WCGW?

Wellll, it turns out I could have fried egg on my face instead of on top of my chorizo, broccoli and sweet potato hash (as the food Gods intended). And I do, because FC Pyunik striker César Romero leads the Armenian Premier League with 17 goals and has added another pair in the Independence Cup.

Ya see, I remember him from a short stint with Chivas USA, but had obviously long ago categorized him as solely Mexican in citizenship. No no, he actually played a handful of games for the US Under-20's, and as such is now the man atop our goal chart in the right column. I exchanged a few message with him today and soon you will see an interview bit over at MLSS. 

Being that his club is a point off the top with a six-game win streak and through to the cup semis, barring a transfer, chances are extremely good he will be playing in Europe this fall. The team is just back from the long winter hibernation, so his total should rise again soon. For now, check out the double he scored over the league leaders just before the break.

- Greg Seltzer

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J.D. Springer said...

How could Cesar Romero be nicknamed anything but "The Joker"?