Monday, March 16, 2015

Ladies and gentleman.... bite your nails.

Yep, the US Under-17 NT took the most unnerving final World Cup qualification step last night. They held their nerve to qualify for the fall tourney in Chile. Kudos, boys. The lower the age level, the harder it is for US teams to advance out of CONCACAF in these situations.

By the way, sorry I was been out over the weekend. Had a little train-about the last few days, had to get around to see some folks. I will have a extra-strength Extra Time for you later.

- Greg Seltzer


DaM said...

I am curious as to why that is that the younger the boys, the harder it is to get through. Is it just the inexperience in dealing with rough road games in crappy environments?

I thought Richie Williams really had a questionable tournament. How many matches did we have to see Haji Wright's lead foot and, what appeared to me at least to be, seemingly disinterested effort off the ball offensively. For all the pre-tourney talk about having a top to bottom team, there were some players that got run out there regardless of form.

Unknown said...

at the younger ages, players have not been playing/training at a high level for as long so the gap in talent between countries is always going to be smaller. as the players on this US team continue training in MLS/europe/mexico and the players on this jamaica team continue training in jamaica, their ability levels will diverge

DaM said...

Ah. Fair enough, thanks!

Unknown said...

thats just my unexpert two cents, idk, who the heck am i, some rando on the internet