Friday, March 6, 2015

Lookin' at our Gucci, it's about that time.

Chicago and champs L.A. will kick off the new MLS season tonight, and then it all starts getting crazy with a full slate of games tomorrow. Be sure to check out the MLSS season guide net-opedia and the official YouTube channel for all the individual team preview bits.

The Round 1 game that is getting the biggest spotlight seems to be Orlando v. NYCFC, which of course will be a match littered with big debuts. Mix v. Kaká, anyone?

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

what a soccer day this sunday march 8th is turning out to be.

it was almost a blessing to miss the day light savings, and miss the first half of barca, while all the goals came in the second half.

the Michael Bradley italiano derby de totti totti was today and was a pretty thrilling nil nil draw.

same scoreline with Liverpool v Blackburn aka the graham souness bowl.

some more good mid day action in spain, and at 5 pm est the two new MLS teams go head to head, as I think all fans wait to see not just the game, but what the crowd has to offer. I think it is going to be really big, and it makes you wonder what kind of residual effect that will have on the nyfc.

of course after this game we will see just what a new York, hmm new jersey crowd brings. the heat is on this red bulls team, as they take on skc.

930 bring a cap to the professional games of the day, as the brides maids go head to head in seattle. probably be the most exciting of all the games today. seattle v new England.

the official night cap is really a visit to san pedro sula for the kiddies. wow!!! juicy...and it looks like it will be without c pulsic.

that's a lot of freaking soccer for one day

fwpeteo said...

Good summary man.

Also, nice call in the post on the two NYCFC-OCSC goal scorers!