Monday, April 6, 2015

A correction regarding recent Neil Lennon comments

A couple days ago, we discussed a Bolton News article that contained some Neil Lennon complaints over Tim Ream call-ups. These remarks also went into an article I put up at MLSS, but a significant factual error was in the original story, so let's clear that up right now.

As it turns out, Bolton was not first informed of his final call-up notice the day of the announcement (March 22). As dictated by FIFA rules, national teams must give notice of their initial provisional squad list to players and clubs 15 days before the start of a camp. Final notice typically goes out during the week leading up to camp. On this particular occasion, the USMNT spokesman informed me that final notice went out on March 18th. The only times a final notice goes out so late is when there is an addition made, and even then, those added players will have been on the provisional list.

A correction to this specific topic will go up at MLSS before long. And anyone who read the Bolton News article the other day can see from the link that they have now edited their story to reflect the change. It being a holiday, I was unable to reach anyone over at Bolton today, but it seems fairly clear that this portion of Lennon's remarks concerning the timing of notice were misunderstood somehow. This does not appear to be a case of the coach blaring something untrue to hammer a point.

So in the final analysis, we can effectively scrub the notice timing issue altogether, leaving Lennon's PT complaint concerning Ream call-ups as the sole matter up for discussion - which, as I said, is a significant change. I should have figured that out before passing along the story, which means I basically invited myself to take a share of the blame. And so now I apologize for that. I have also learned a valuable lesson about even disseminating quotes straight from UK articles without checking them, which feels a lot like being hit with the dumb-dumb stick.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Make sure you release the correction right before 2 or 3 other stories are released, that way it'll be pushed down and will go unnoticed :)

Greg Seltzer said...

I do not want it to go unnoticed.