Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fred Check: The KuPS Debut

Someone was kind enough to put together a reel of Freddy Adu's debut in Finland.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

You know, it has to have been awhile since he's played regularly. But even still it's obvious the Adu has game. Love to see him playing. And why do I hold out hope for this dude? Because I remember him in the U20 WC in Canada. He was great. Too much hate for this guy. Go Adu.

Unknown said...

He's still young. Wynalda wanted him last year for the Silverbacks and Rongen (his former U20 coach) reached out to him this off season to get him to join the TB Rowdies. Is NASL worse than Finland? I'd put Norway and Sweden above it, but Finland?

Zach said...

What I see in that video: nothing has changed. Freddy still has touch, and Freddy is still immature. After 10(?) years as a pro, he isn't changing. He could be the best American indoor player since the other Beasley, but he is always going to struggle 11v11.

Unknown said...

uefa coefficient:

32. kazakhstan
33. moldova
34. armenia
36. iceland
37. BiH
38. liechtenstein

so.... i doubt finland is better than NASL.

Matt said...

But I bet it pays better than NASL

Unknown said...

^ probably, but not necessarily. finland is not a terrible wealthy country and football is at best the country's 3rd most popular sport.

Unknown said...
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