Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FIFA's Qatar blind spot expands

Clearly not content with ignoring obvious bribery and a system of World Cup 2022 prep based on human labor trafficking (and worse), Qatar have begun arresting journalists in their country.

In other words, every one of us in the world who loves this game and our team knows precisely how this particular piece of sausage is being made. We cannot simply throw up hands and walk away pretending to be unaware, waving play to continue.

So... when does FIFA bother to open their eyes and even ponder doing the glaringly-needed right thing here? Or, hell, some sort of direction to Qatar to clean up their act? Try so very never, because all that would not come with a shit-ton of illicit pay-off. I mean, is there even a limit to their blindness act? I honestly have no idea anymore.

- Greg Seltzer

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Scott said...

Nice sausage reference.