Monday, June 15, 2015

And **that's** why you don't heckle a comedian with an HBO show.

Oh no, Jack Warner... no. And this play-acting crook wants to call John Oliver a 'fool' in public? Yeeeeeah, ya oughn't-a-done that.

Program note: For those fully up to date on the progression here, you can simply watch the top (and most recent) video. For those completely unaware of what's gone on between these two until now, start from the bottom video and work up. For those somewhere in the middle... fetch the rest of us some strawberry cake or something.

Ladies and gentleman, grab your popcorn!

- Greg Seltzer


Bernardinho said...

I could laugh at all of this, if this didn't involve a perpetrator of human misery and death on an international scale!

jon said...

Oh my goodness, that Warner response video is gold. The music!