Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gettin' Out Of Dodge

That about sums up my take on the reason Sepp Blatter is stepping down as FIFA president.

My emotional feeling about his departure (along with the others recently gone) is basically just a long, relaxing breath that can't be typed into words.

- Greg Seltzer


Bernardinho said...

Wow!!! This got most real, most quickly.

dwc414141 said...

Interesting times. Now we see who else gets arrested and what changes are implemented to FIFA.

Kirk Diggler said...

Greg, I know there is a lot to come, but if you had to answer the question right now, what is your gut instinct on whether the World Cup will remain in Qatar? Yea or nay?

Dr.Jon said...

(Hope he says nay...)
To be fair, and right or not, if FIFA pulls the WC from Qatar there is going to be one hell of a law suit.

Matt said...

I would assume a lot of the corruption at FIFA is, at this point, systemic. Did FIFA have a reputation for being corrupt before Blatter? I want to think this changes everything, but not convinced.

JJO said...

@Matt, it was widely believed that Joao Havelange was corrupt for many years before Blatter was elected FIFA president in 1998. And if you look at many of those indicted, their tenures in FIFA all pre-date Blatter's presidency. So yes FIFA had a corrupt image for as long as anyone can remember.

Unknown said...

fifa needs to change structurally to prevent future corruption. step 1: bicameral legislature.

Unknown said...

So we all know Blatter is guilty and deserves jail time. But he has done a bunch to promote the game, so I think jail time is a bit harsh. So here are some punishments I would like to offer up.

1. Every month Luis Suarez gets to bite Blatter.

2. Wearing super tight and extra short shorts, every woman that plays for a national team gets to kick Blatter in the balls.

3. Blatter has to play a 90 minute soccer game in Qatar in July for the rest of his life.

4. Blatter can only eat McDonald's and drink Budweiser.

That's all I got fill free to add your own punishments.