Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's dine on Chinese, shall we?

A couple of nights ago, a couple of lady friends from Hong Kong were visiting and they turned my kitchen into a wan ton factory. Seriously, they had to have made at least a 100 dumplings. So I ate and ate homemade dim sum, and gosh, I felt like I was taking full advantage of my day. The USWNT needs to get into beast mode, starting ummmmm... now.They need to step up to the plate and put some chili sauce on the occasion.

First, we check in with the team, and then we get a couple of takes on how they can deal with a couple of major absences for this quarterfinal showdown with China.

- Greg Seltzer


DaM said...

I know that Rapinoe is one of the leaders of this team, but I wonder if it is a coincidence that the US looked its best at moving the ball around without Rapinoe dominating possession. I know a lot of it was related to how good the US high press was (and most of that was down the right side) but I thought Heath looked better at sharing the ball than Rapinoe has so far. Not that Ellis will set Rapinoe again but maybe Brian gets another start?

DaM said...

Sorry for the double post, but I had to ask: I assume it is against the rules for Johnston to also suit up for the men's team? Heir apparent to Beckerman!

Unknown said...

we looked better.
morgan brian was awesome moving the ball around. not having rapinoe helped because it removed our biggest black-hole from the pitch (you give rapinoe the ball and it vanishes!). carli lloyd certainly did her best rapinoe impersonation in losing a million balls. i would prefer o'hara to stay in and rapinoe to stay out. id like someone other than lloyd, but not sure what our options in the middle are past what we have already.
alex morgan clearly not at full speed, but all our other attackers are in such poor form we really need her out there. maybe lloyd at striker? that way instead of dribbling past 2 people and losing it to the third she can dribble past two people and be in.

to me, japan still looks the best team in the tournament, but we're getting closer

DaM said...

Kinda curious why Leroux is being used this little. Everyone is lauding Arod, but let's not forget how bad of a miss that was in a game that could easily have gone to PKs. I guess I am still pining for the 4-3-3 but if they play as well on the press as they did last match it's kind of a 2-4-4 anyway.