Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Your USWNT line-up v. Germany

The USWNT goes with a packed midfield tonight. Do note this makes Wambach and Leroux scary bench weapons.

1-Solo, 4-Sauerbrunn, 10-Lloyd (c), 11-Krieger, 12-Holiday, 13-Morgan, 14-Brian, 15-Rapinoe, 17-Heath, 19-Johnston, 22-Klingenberg

- Greg Seltzer


Harris said...

or O'Hara!

DaM said...

4-3-3 looked pretty solid i thought. Jill Ellis insists it wasn't the system. That being said, the same players as the first 3 matches (with 1 exception) looked much better in this system, even with rapinoe over-dominating the ball to virtually no effect. Maybe they are more comfortable in a system that let's them not get dominated by numbers in the middle while still having some width. I continue to not get the use of Abby Wambach instead of someone with speed at the 70ish minute sub mark. Great abby is good with defensive headers... she is a detriment to the fast counter attack.

Unknown said...

jill ellis was just being humble and giving her players credit. she knows the system was a huge boon to the team