Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How does one say "Ducks in a row" in Spanish?

While we are on the topic of the guys playing in Liga MX, maybe we should catch you up on everybody's current address. There has been quite a bit of movement. This should have everyone involved with the top flight first teams, as well as a few past and present USMNT youth internationals down in the second division.

Ventura Alvarado - Club América
Paul Arriola - Tijuana
Fernando Arce, Jr. - Tijuana
Jonathan Bornstein - Querétaro
Edgar Castillo - Monterrey
Joe Corona - Veracruz
Gabriel Farfan - Chiapas
Dennis Flores - León
Gregory Garza - Atlas
Herculez Goméz - Tijuana
Sonny Guadarrama - Atlante*
Alejandro Guido - Tijuana
Miguel Ibarra - León
Benji Joya - Necaxa*
Alejandro Moreno - Tijuana
Juan Pablo Ocegueda - Oaxaca*
Michael Orozco - Tijuana
John Requejo - Tijuana
Esteban Rodríguez - Tijuana
José Francisco Torres - Tigres
William Yarbrough - León

- Greg Seltzer


Weston Houghton said...

I think Herc is in the process of buying out his contract and looking for somewhere out of Mexico to sign? Referenced:

Greg Seltzer said...

Good catch, thanks!

Dany Tzvi said...

any idea where Julio Morales is these days?

Greg Seltzer said...

On loan to Coras de Tepic in the second flight. But I cannot verify that he has actually filed a FIFA switch.

Nicholas Peck said...

Orozco's at Tijuana now.

Nathan Mansell said...
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Greg Seltzer said...

Gracias y gracias. Cannot believe I left Arriola off. Duh-doi.

Tom & Steph said...


Greg Seltzer said...

Duh-doi - Part Deux.... or did I just do a really bad job of copy/paste? Anyhow, thanks.