Friday, July 31, 2015

I was stalling.

Okay, enough decision time. Here is my current right back slot on the Clipboard. From right now, I would give Yedlin every right back minute possible - not sure why everyone seems to have abandoned him as a defender, where he has the potential to be more impacting. You all know my thoughts on Lichaj and his place outside the frame. I like Evans, but would sure like to see him ship more crosses. Chandler has obvious skills and potential, but I cannot figure out why he is a but more absent-minded in a USMNT shirt. I am not on that heart-doubting bandwagon, but hell if I know the divide from his Bundesliga level. Maybe he should watch a couple on TV. And yeah, I know Farrell is a full-time center back for the Revs this season... but I still would also care to see him on the right for the Nats. I am curious.

DeAndre Yedlin
Eric Lichaj
Brad Evans

Needs a call: Andrew Farrell

Needs something... but also in the frame: Timothy Chandler

I will get both central spots up tomorrow. Umm, be patient on left back.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

I completely agree on Yedlin, both defensively and on his best role. While he's a good 'Super Sub', as a starter, he's far more effective able to bomb forward defended by a winger, than trying to create space and opportunity against an opposing Left Back. He doesn't have a true wingers skills or instinct, but he has a great skill set as an attacking fullback.

Kirk Diggler said...

Chandler is absent-minded because he is a merc and he knows it. No passion for the U.S. Would rather be elsewhere.