Friday, July 3, 2015

Let's all play "What do you want to see tonight?"!!

I'll start. While it's a Gold Cup tune-up against Guatemala tonight, I want to see the top USMNT line-up, as if this was a final. And frankly, the line-up below is rather close to the clipboard version I'd post with a full pool available. Of course, that sort of opinion still has a lot of pull left over from last summer's exploits and it is time to move past that effect. So, effectively, I want the last known default setting tonight. It deserves a chance to show it's still the goods around these parts.

I'm really not quiet sure how to shake out the entire right side, though, so let's give the match fitness-challenged duo of Bedoya and Yedlin 45 minutes each to start settling that attack position first. We can work back from there, I think, because the eventual best option may be starting them together. In fact, that sounds like a very deadly flank combo, fast and fastidious. And for crying out loud, give Ream his left back look already. Far less accomplished players have received far more to date. It's his turn now.

Oh... and I do not want to see a diamond. No no no. Any small, quick team that likes to tic-tac-toe up the middle would thank you.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

US trotted this out vs Germany:

Why wouldn't they play diamond again?

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, because they opened in that, stunk for 35 minutes, changed formation and then owned most of the rest of the game. Thus far, the only teams a diamond has worked against were B or C teams.

Unknown said...


Chris said...

What formation did we change to Greg?

Greg Seltzer said...

Empty bucket, a formation which certainly lends itself more to quick counters. Bradley discussed the change at some length in the interview zone. Instead of pushed up as the No.10-esque guy, he was flattened out alongside Beckerman, giving him more frequent touches, more targets to pick out and much better defensive spacing.

Unknown said...

greg i agree with u 99% about the formation and the starting lineup. my only concern is Omar Gonzalez, who left at half-time of his last MLS game with an apparent minor injury. This also spills over to Tim Ream. If it were up to me id have him slated as a CB and training/playing there, especially being a little concerned that gonzalez might go down in the group stage and we'll need depth at CB. Of course you can have Ream playing LB and slide him over if that problem presents itself, but i think ream should be getting all his time at CB in the meantime.