Saturday, July 11, 2015

Soooo yeeeeah.

I see Ives Galarcep has gone up with a report that Freddy Adu is set to sign with Tampa Bay of the NASL. I will now go ahead and piggyback a confirmation that the Rowdies are indeed in for the free agent attacker (I actually turned in an MLSS report on Tuesday, but it has not gone up). However, at my last check, this whole thing was still early and there were competitors - mostly from the second flight, but also a team or two in MLS. I do not have any other names pinpointed yet, only so-so hunches and bad leads.

Hoping to have a tastier goodie ready soon, but there ya go, as promised for today.

- Greg Seltzer


mark said...

Any news on Preki's destination

Unknown said...

Well it doesn't look like LC anymore, that's for sure! They signed Claudio Ranieri as manager.

Cathal said...

Greg - taking a look at some of Rongen's comments in this article, in particular this one:

“This country has never produced a player that we [can] sell to Man United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Man City,” he explains. “I think this country has the capability to do that, and I’m always trying to figure out where we are going wrong. When we have such a raw diamond in Freddy Adu, it’s our role to make him that player. I thought early on he was going to play for a big time team in Europe and put US soccer on the map."

Just saying, I feel like you've said this before. Here's to hoping things work out. Adu at the 2011 Gold Cup was one of the most dangerous, unique talents we've had.