Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Keys: US v Honduras

Let's start something new here. Prior to big matches, I will present a simple two-key solution for our team of interest. Obviously, the USMNT kicks off Gold Cup tonight against a testing Honduras side, so it's a fine time to run my yap a little.

The idea will be to focus on one major pressure point on each side of the ball, but let's not etch that in stone for emergency flexibility's sake. Today, though, we stay on script.
  • A is for attack. Against what is sure to be a packed, organized and feisty Honduras defense, the plan should be to hammer them with set pieces early and often. Lead Dempsey and the flank players into space so they can build speed to take on defenders in the final third. Hell, if we win a free kick 10 yards inside their half, I want that serve put into the area. Rain restarts on 'em.
  • B is for the back. Look... I don't mean to be an alarmist, but our players on the left need to pin  Andy Najar to that flank. We can deal with it if he runs the wing, wins a few few kicks or corners and ships some crosses. If he starts finding pathways to cut inside, there seems a far greater chance for trouble. We don't need him pulling Brooks out of the line, scavenging along the top of the area for openings or putting anyone in quick card trouble from allowing danger free kicks. And a great way to apply preventative medicine on this problem spot is to avoid turning over the ball in the middle third of the field.
Okay, you suffered through that, now watch some tube. Then, after the game, you can come back and see how clever/bananas I was.

- Greg Seltzer


Adrian said...

You were right on set pieces. And it's pretty easy to contain Najar when his coach subs him off!

Dr.Jon said...

Weird choice, wasn't it? It was just nasty when he just about pimp-slapped Yedlin and ripped off that nasty (though slightly over the bar) shot.