Friday, July 10, 2015

Your USMNT Line-Up v Haiti

So many changes. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Most I am cool with, but I still am no fan of this midfield set-up. But sheesh, it is Haiti. Any strange thing will likely work well, too.

- Greg Seltzer


Bernardinho said...

Wow! Look at that Bradley positioning. And he just might play more like a 2 times 4 instead of a 2 times 3.

Tony M said...

Hey JJO, if you're out there, got to say that 35 minutes in, Friesen has been substantially better than last game.

Tony M said...

Although... when he started talking about the fouls in the last five he started to sound like last night. He amplifies the opposition's fouls and down plays most of ours. But he has been better.

LB said...

Biggest difference in the second half? Everyone's going to say Zardes but the most important factor was switching to a 4-4-2.

In the first half, we badly lacked a) width and b) defensive cover in transition. Zardes was a sparkplug but the most important part of his substitution was that it switched us out of a (yet another) tactical system that was playing right into our opponent's hand.

Unknown said...

LB - well said.

Anonymous said...

I think Friedel is really good actually. Would sure rather listen to him than Harkes or that absolute tool Taylor Twellman. Friedel is a bright, knowledgeable dude.

Not to beat a dead horse but re: the conversation in the Honduras thread... Altidore was so bad tonight that Klinsmann almost lost his shit at one point. lol He literally had his head in his hands after Jozy totally whiffed and the ball trickled out for a goal kick because Jozy wanted to take a touch instead of just hit it first time.

And then there was that crap with pulling it back on the lead up the the Johannsson goal that should have counted. Because? Because he lacks confidence in his left foot? He got lucky that pass caught a deflection right to Johannsson. I didn't think Altidore was that terrible vs Honduras as apparently others did but, like I said, he isn't (or shouldn't be) the future at striker for the Nats.

If he is our best striker we are in trouble.

dikranovich said...

Jozy is not a bad player, and he has held the role of number one striker for more than a cycle now. His first touch is weak, and he does tend to look uninterested at times. I don't know, I guess one goal every other game is a good tally, but come on, it's concacaf and the top striker for the best team should have big numbers.

Jozy could be doing so much better for th national team, I think that is the bottom line. That and this whole ordeal has helped to prove what kind of defense they actually play in the eridivise, which ain't much.

If Jozy can just get a better first touch, he will be lethal, because his shot is pretty strong.

dikranovich said...

It almost makes you wonder if a coach klinsmann master stroke wouldn't be to send Jozy back to TFC, and go with the forwards leftover for the rest of this copa Oro. Toronto could use Jozy, and it would allow players like Johhannson and zardes to pick up more valuable time. Jozy is not at full speed, and he can work on that with his club team, and when he is back to full speed he can come back into the national team fold. This seems like it would be a good policy to follow. It raises the bar for players coming into the national team.

Unknown said...

Greg, as you replied to my question: "what if Bradley played as a #6," his talents were indeed wasted in the first half.

I anticipate some starters getting a rest in tonight's match:

JJO said...

@Tony M

I picked up a little of what you're saying about Friedel. And he pulled the "That's just what they needed!" line after the goal ;)

However, after listening for two matches I like him miles better than pretty much anyone else I've ever heard in the booth for Nats matches.

Where's Ty Keough these days??