Friday, August 14, 2015

Downtown Central

Gosh, I wonder if this depth chart will set off any furious debate - but seriously, if anybody knows of a striker that can legitimately do all the things Altidore does at this level, speak up. "He sucks" is not an argument and it is not true anyway. The Duke of Bacon has a chance to show he can be the guy. I am not sure his Swiss army knife has every tool, but he is a hell of a bench option. Same goes for Zardes, who I would like to see used as a striker more often. Wondo is not here, which does not mean I am anti-Wondo... just that there are so many younger forwards that need time.

And, of course, Boyd should be back to playing for RBL before too long. His development needs to come off hiatus when he is fit again. The three MLS strikers all have things to prove and some level of positive USMNT experience. Davies is closest to a call at the moment, but thanks to the top three, that is still a good distance. Meanwhile, Johnsen edges into frame because, holy hell, his athletic skills are enticing.

Jozy Altidore
Aron Jóhannsson
Gyasi Zardes

Please get fit: Terrence Boyd

Keeping an eye on: Juan Agudelo, Charlie Davies, Bjørn Maars Johnsen, C.J. Sapong

- Greg Seltzer


UnitedDemon said...

No arguments with what you're saying, except: Zardes.

I think he's the deadliest winger we've got. He can dribble very well, but the best is his field vision. When he gets running at defenses with two forwards in front of him, suddenly, there a 3 on 4 situation. I love seeing his decision making in this regard, I think he makes incredibly intelligent choices, except when he shows his inexperience.

But Jozy is the best striker we have overall, no question, and AJ is a very good #2. Wouldn't mind seeing Boyd coming back strong, he's got great skill and size.

UnitedDemon said...

I wouldn't have thought it of Zardes, but it's not like JK is the only one using him there. That's where he plays for the scary, scary LA Galaxy. If we Can put two forwards in front of Zardes, I say we do it.

Tom said...

Sapong is really starting to get some craft to go with his athleticism. Hope he figures out a few more tricks.

Zach said...

Guessing you have Morris at RW but I'd much rather see him as a 9. Same for Rubin.

Greg Seltzer said...

Rubin's best play last season came at RW. And if he isn't ready to headline as a No. 9 at Utrecht, then it's pretty hard to say he is ready to play there for the USMNT - especially over guys who have played there already.

DaM said...

@Greg I know nothing about Msr. Maars Johnsen other than he has an awesome name and you said the word "athletic" so I am instantly a fan. Any useful links about him if you get a moment?

I agree Zardes' best position right now is at forward but he seems to have grown exponentially on the wing as he learns the position... and I assume with forwards LA has right now, he will continue to get plenty o time there. I actually think he can play Jozy's role far better than Bacon who seems far more suited to the withdrawn forward/Dempsey slot.

I guess with FabJo a should-be-lock on the left wing that would leave Zardes fighting with a slew of options on the right.... but I wonder if he wouldn't be in front of all of them pretty soon. I guess it's hard to tell how big of a jump Morris will make.

Cathal said...

The maturation from a wing into someone who can play up top is very normal and reaps benefits. See: Lionel Messi. Also, Dempsey and Donovan both started on the wing until they proved they were valuable closer to goal. I'm fine with having our young guys prove they can be valuable across other parts of the field before giving them the keys to the front line.

UnitedDemon said...

@DaM- my god, I hadn't thought of FJ on the left and Zardes on the right. Yikes, we'd be damn good.

Nikolas said...


DaM said...

@UnitedDemon not to mention that both FJ and GZ like to cut inside leaving a lot of room for say Yedlin and left_back_01 (I havent really decided who I like there... Shea needs way more time etc.) to get up along the flanks. Both Zardes and FabJo can track back on defense with a fair amount of competence and I hate the idea of giving up on Yedlin at RB.

UnitedDemon said...


So, here's my eleven.

Yedlin Gonzalez JAB Shea

Yes, that leaves Dempsey as a super sub.

UnitedDemon said...

So, what you guys think?

Dr.Jon said...

@United: no true 4-3-3 (with a DM?) (also it is only 10 players :))



UnitedDemon2 said...

Maybe Morris instead of Rubin, but sure.

JJO said...

UD, that's an innovative 4-4-1 diamond you've got there. Never seen that work successfully ;)

JJO said...
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UnitedDemon said...

Why, thank you. It's actually the formation that JK proposes, but with Mix and Bradley switched. Here's hoping he's a fan of the blog.:)

UnitedDemon said...

Alright, I'll correct my mistake.

Play AJ next to Jozy. Save Dempsey for Dempsey time (the last 5-10 minutes.

Greg Seltzer said...

What was the last real quality win in which the team used a level two-striker set?