Saturday, August 1, 2015

Left of Central

After a couple of sketchy outings in the Gold Cup, the Brooks lead over Besler has dwindled to almost nothing. Actually, I am a bit annoyed that the Sporting KC defender has not appeared in USMNT colors for six months. Spector sits here for now, but as we all know he would be a highly versatile pick. If he starts the new season like he finished the last one, he deserves a look.

As for Goodson, I am still unclear as to why he was jettisoned - did you know the Nats have won his last eight starts with just six goals allowed, including the entire knockout Gold Cup run in 2013 and World Cup qualifying wins over Mexico and Panama? Umm, yeah, and there is also that set piece target factor. It would have been nice to have seen Schuler and/or Whitbread by now, but neither can stay fit long enough.

John Anthony Brooks
Matt Besler
Jonathan Spector

Not finished yet: Clarence Goodson

Stay healthy and we can talk: Chris Schuler

Find a club, stay healthy and we can talk: Zak Whitbread

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

What is going on with Whitbread's club situation? Also, what about Gooch?

Unknown said...

goodson's playing great with the quakes this season, just picked up an injury though that might put his chance at the next friendly set in doubt

Unknown said...

Don't wanna ruin your surprise, but it appears that you are going to slot a certain Bolton player at LB.

Unknown said...

Would like to see at least some discussion about Chad Marshall in the depth chart somewhere. I feel like he deserves it.

Greg Seltzer said...

I do not even slightly disagree with you and he made a few appearances on the Clipboard during the last cycle. However, it is a numbers game at these positions and most of my 4th and 5th choices are younger, and thus theoretically have a larger available learning curve ahead.